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WSDL: https://api.channeladvisor.com/ChannelAdvisorAPI/v7/OrderService.asmx?WSDL
URL: https://api.channeladvisor.com/ChannelAdvisorAPI/v7/OrderService.asmx

The Order Service contains public web methods for retrieving and submitting Orders. An order represents an entire purchase commitment from a buyer to a ChannelAdvisor seller.


Name Description
GetOrderList Retrieve a set of orders based on the criteria sent by the caller.
GetOrderRefundHistory Retrieve the history of refunds for an order.
Ping Return OK if the service is available.
OrderMerge Merge multiple orders into a single order.
OrderSplit Split an order into two separate orders.
SubmitOrder Submit a new order for processing
SubmitOrderRefund Submit a full or partial refund for an existing order.
SetOrdersExportStatus Submit an array of ClientOrderIdentifier values to mark those orders as exported.  This works in conjunction with GetOrderList to filter on ExportState
SetSellerOrderID Set the SellerOrderID value for an order
SetSellerOrderItemIDList Set the SellerOrderItemID value for line items in an order.
UpdateOrderList Update a list of orders.

Deprecated Methods

Name Description
SubmitAmazonFullRefund Submits an entire order for refund at Amazon. Obsolete - replaced by SubmitOrderRefund
[SubmitAmazonPartialRefund] Submits items for refund at Amazon. Obsolete - replaced by SubmitOrderRefund
GetOrderList (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
GetOrderRefundHistory (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
OrderMerge (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
OrderSplit (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
SetOrdersExportStatus (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
SetSellerOrderID (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
SetSellerOrderItemIDList (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
SubmitAmazonFullRefund (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
SubmitOrder (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
SubmitOrderRefund (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)
UpdateOrderList (ChannelAdvisor Developer Network)

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