Welcome to the ChannelAdvisor Developer Network

The Developer Network is Moving Soon!

Beginning in August, ChannelAdvisor’s API developer documentation will be located in the Knowledge Center.

The Knowledge Center can be accessed here: https://knowledge.channeladvisor.com/kc 

The API documentation will not require you to have a login for the Knowledge Center, though there are other non-API articles in the Knowledge Center that do require a login.

This website provides documentation, code samples, and other information regarding API connectivity to the ChannelAdvisor platform. The documentation describes the latest version of the REST API and V7 of the SOAP API. It is assumed that net new integrations will utilize the RESTful API.

Upgrade to Require Stronger Encryption Cipher Suites

All API requests to ChannelAdvisor must use updated ciphers by 27 September 2022

For more information, including testing windows, and FAQs, refer to 2022 Cipher Changes

Webhooks Now Available!

Webhooks are now available for all sellers and developers!

Refer to our new Webhooks section for more information on available endpoints and configuration options.

For e-commerce channels such as marketplaces or webstore platforms, please join the ChannelAdvisor Partner Program to gain access to integration points specially developed for channels, which will provide significant benefits to customers.

Getting Started

  1. A typical ChannelAdvisor Integration
  2. Request a Developer Account
  3. Create an Application using the Developer Console
  4. Gaining access to a ChannelAdvisor account
  5. Learn about ChannelAdvisor REST API Core Concepts
  6. Working with Products (Provides access to the account's products, including attributes, distribution centers, and available quantity.)
  7. Working with Orders (Control all aspects of post-sale operations, by retrieving, creating, updating, shipping, canceling, and refunding orders.)

Getting Help

  1. Review the documentation contained on this site.  Can't find what you need?  Try the search feature!
  2. Check out the REST API FAQs or SOAP API FAQs
  3. Visit the API Discussion Forums
  4. Contact ChannelAdvisor Support by creating a case in the Support Center (platform login required)