The developer should register their new application through the developer console. An application ID and shared secret is generated automatically. New applications can be registered at
A Developer Key and Password are required to log in.

Authorization Methods

A new developer key does not automatically come with access to any ChannelAdvisor accounts. To perform any operations described in this documentation, gain authorization to an account first.

There are three ways to gain authorization to ChannelAdvisor accounts using the REST API.

 DescriptionBest ForPrerequisites
OAuth 2.0 Authorization FlowA web server application should always use the authorization code flow. This is the most popular and the most secure of all of the authorization flows. Once an authorization code is acquired it may be exchanged within 5 minutes for an access token by using the shared secret.User-driven desktop or web-based applications that want to maintain the most secure integration with ChannelAdvisor.
  • Knowledge of OAuth 2.0
  • Ability to store an access for each integrated account
Developer Console TokenThe developer console can be used to manually create a refresh token, which an integration may use to generate access tokens as needed via the token endpoint.Automated or back-end integrations that do not have ongoing user involvement.
  • Valid developer key and password
  • Access to login to desired ChannelAdvisor accounts with permission to grant API access
SOAP API Credentials FlowA developer key that has already been granted SOAP API access to a ChannelAdvisor account can request a REST API access token. This is a bridge for established ChannelAdvisor partners to carry their existing SOAP account access to the REST API without requiring intervention from the seller.  A pre-authenticated access token can be acquired from the token endpoint.An existing SOAP API integration where developer credentials and authorizations are already in use.
  • Valid developer key and password
  • Previously granted access to one or more ChannelAdvisor accounts