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For REST API, SOAP API and Webhooks

  1. Review the documentation contained on this site. Can't find what you need? Try the search feature!
  2. Check out the FAQs sections
    1. REST API FAQs
    2. SOAP API FAQs
    3. Webhooks FAQs are Coming Soon
  3. Open a Support Case
    1. Have a ChannelAdvisor Platform login?
      1. Go to and open the left pane (by clicking the ChannelAdvisor icon) to open a Support case.
      2. This ensures your request is associated with the right client and profile so ChannelAdvisor can route your request more efficiently.
    2. Don't have a ChannelAdvisor Platform login?
      1. Email with the following details:
        1. Your Developer Key
        2. Name of the client you work with/for
        3. Account (aka profile) you have questions about
    3. Be specific when requesting assistance and include any/all troubleshooting steps you have taken or log detail you have captured to ensure your case can be handled efficiently
  4. Our legacy API Discussion Forums still exists for developers to collaborate.
    1. ChannelAdvisor no longer responds to questions in this forum - please open a Support case (via #3 or #4 above)