Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

This page contains frequently asked questions from developers using ChannelAdvisor's API.

How do I sign up for the ChannelAdvisor Developer Network?

We are happy to grant credentials to the APIs.  However, they are not very useful unless a CA customer grants access to their account.  See the Understanding Security page for instructions.

I am an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) who wishes to provide an integrated solution to ChannelAdvisor customers. What do I need to do?

Learn about the Partner Program here and submit a request to Become a Partner.

Can I get access to a test account?

Test accounts are limited to ChannelAdvisor clients only. All transactions within any ChannelAdvisor account - testing accounts included - are considered billable.  Additional fees may be required for an additional posting account.

  • Clients of ChannelAdvisor can request a test account by creating a Support Case via the platform (platform login is required), open the left side panel, go to Help to create a Support case.
  • Developers working for a ChannelAdvisor client working on an API integration for that client, please have the client submit this request on behalf of the developer.
    • This will ensure the account is created with the proper information to work on the client's behalf.
  • Developers not affiliated with a ChannelAdvisor client, please read about the Partner Program and request to Become a Partner to move forward.

Once the account has been created, the developer or the client the developer is working with will be notified.  At that time, follow the instructions on the Understanding Security page to gain access to the new account using the API.

REST API Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose REST API over SOAP API?

ChannelAdvisor's SOAP API is in maintenance mode only. Improvements will not be made going forward. However, SOAP API still exists and may meet some needs.

See a simple comparison table here - the final decision should be made based on integration needs and ability to integrate with either API (or both).

What are the REST API call limits?

Find them on this page: REST API Request Limits

Can we delete SKUs via REST?

Yes. This can be accomplished with DELETE Products request - see example here.

Can we archive SKUs via REST?

Not yet. Coming in the near future.

What are the available scopes for REST?

See available scopes at Introduction to OAuth 2.0 > Available Authorization Scopes.

Can we setup multiple scopes?

Yes - separate scopes with a space. For example: "orders inventory"

Are requests case sensitive?

Yes and No. In the URL of the request everything before the question mark (?) *IS* case sensitive, however everything after the question mark *IS NOT* case sensitive.
In the body/JSON of the request, every property and enumerated values ARE case-sensitive, but string values ARE NOT.

Is there an Authorization Flow that doesn't require Redirect URI? We don't want to build a webapp for access.

Yes - there are two:

  1. SOAP API Credentials Flow
  2. Developer Console Token*
    *this requires a ChannelAdvisor system login with appropriate permissions

Where can I find a list of valid Site IDs and Site Names?

A list is available here: Site ID / Site Name Values

Can I set the inventory quantity of an item within the same request that I am creating the product?

No. A separate request to update quantity is needed. See the Quantity page for options on updating quantity, as there are a few factors to determine how to execute this request.

Can I create attributes for a product within the same request that I am creating the product?

Yes. See Creating & Updating Products for more detail on executing this request properly.

I'm looking at the ChannelAdvisor User Interface and I don't see the attributes or labels I created with requests, or a product I added a label to doesn't reflect that label in the system yet. What's going on?

Creation of new attributes and assigned values of attributes may take time to populate in the UI - up to 30 minutes (but usually between 10-20 minutes).

I see there are a few situations where I must make a request referencing Product ID, the unique ID for my product in ChannelAdvisor's system. Can I make those requests using SKU instead?

There is no plan in place at ChannelAdvisor to allow the use of a SKU to make product/inventory adjustments because use of SKU, by design, violates the precepts of REST. However, if enough clients demand it, it may be considered.

Where can I access the eBay Seller ID?

This data is not available within a REST order at this time (September 2016), but will be added in a future update.

Is machine-readable language such as RAML available for the REST API?

The only machine-readable format we have for REST API is $metadata. Read more about other REST API specifics here.

Can I prevent my refund or cancellation request from notifying the marketplace?

Yes. Using the PreventSiteProcessing property in the Orders or Order Items request will allow this to happen. Read more on the Refund & Cancel Orders (Order Level) and Refund & Cancel Orders (Item Level) pages.

Can I prevent my shipment update from notifying the marketplace?

Yes. Using the PreventMarketplaceCommunication property on the /v1/Orders/Ship endpoint or as a query string parameter on the /v1/Fulfillments endpoint. Read more on the Shipments and Fulfillments pages.