Profiles, Packages and Distribution Centers

Profile Information

  • Profiles have unique IDs across the ChannelAdvisor system.
  • Profile IDs are often required when creating data via API. See specific topics and requests for Conditional/Required data.
  • Most REST API authorization methods can be applied across multiple profiles, so single GET requests can retrieve data from all authorized profiles.
    • SOAP Authorization and SOAP API cannot be authorized for multiple profiles.
  • Collection of SiteAccounts available to uniquely identify different seller/marketplace accounts in profiles
    • About SiteAccountID
      • The SiteAccountID identifies the unique ChannelAdvisor representation of a seller's account name at a marketplace.
      • A profile may have multiple accounts at a single marketplace (i.e. eBay, Amazon) within the same locale, so this data helps positively identify a specific marketplace account.
      • See the page on Retrieving Site Account Information within a profile.
  • Collection of ShippingLabelPartnerAccounts available to uniquely identify seller/shipping label partner accounts in profiles
    • About ShippingLabelPartnerAccountID
      • ShippingLabelPartnerAccountID identifies the unique ChannelAdvisor representation of a seller's account with a shipping label partner.
      • A profile may have multiple accounts with a single shipping label partner (i.e. UPS, FedEx), so this data helps positively identify a specific account.
      • See the page on Retrieving Shipping Label Partner Account Information within a profile.

Package Information

  • Packages must be configured in the user interface
  • Both custom packages and standard packages, if enabled, will be retrieved

Distribution Center Information

  • If only one Distribution Center exists, the ID value will be 0 (zero).
  • Recommend using DistributionCenterTypeRollup property (in the Orders entity) to filter in / filter out externally-managed orders (e.g. Fulfilled By Amazon).
  • Distribution Center ID can be found in the user interface in the URL for viewing/editing a Distribution Center.

Profile Endpoints

GET /v1/ProfilesQuery against all profiles that the access_token is authorized to access.
GET /v1/Profiles(id)Retrieve a single profile

Package Endpoints

GET /v1/PackagesQuery against all packages for all authorized profiles

Distribution Center Endpoints

GET /v1/DistributionCentersQuery against all distribution centers
GET /v1/DistributionCenters(id)Retrieve a single distribution center
PATCH or PUT /v1/DistributionCenters(id)Modify an existing distribution center
POST /v1/DistributionCentersCreate a new distribution center
DELETE /v1/DistributionCenters(id)Delete a distribution center from the system

Entities & Enumerations

Entity Tables for Profiles, Packages, and Distribution Centers

Enumerations for Distribution Centers

Profile, Package, and Distribution Center Request Examples