HTTP Status Codes


  • Do not to code to specific status code responses as they may change in the future.
  • If coding to status is required for integration, it is recommended to code to status ranges. Fundamentally, 200 value codes are successful, 400 value codes are Seller side errors in request structure, request values/specifics, endpoints, etc… and 500 value codes are ChannelAdvisor side server-based or API related errors.
  • Code multiple retries into the integration for 500 responses. 500 responses may generate at times due to a large variety of factors on the ChannelAdvisor side - retrying the requests at a later time will often result in a non-server side error response (success or seller-side error). However, if the 500 responses persists, please open a support case.
Status Code Description What It Means
200 OK The request was successful.
201 Created The PUT, POST, or PATCH request was successful and the entity has been returned in the response.
204 No Content The PUT, POST, or PATCH request was successful and there is no content in the response.
400  Bad Request

The request was malformed and could not be processed.

If making an authorization request, this response may mean the Application ID:Shared Secret encoding and/or Refresh Token are not accurate.

401 Unauthorized

The access_token provided is either invalid or expired, the token was not provided in the correct manner, or the token does not provide sufficient privileges for the action requested (i.e. attempting to make an update when the token provides read-only access).

404 Not Found Either the URL format is invalid or an entity with the specified ID does not exist.
413 Request Entity Too Large The length of the request content has exceeded the maximum allowed limit.
414 Request URI Too Long The length of the request URI has exceeded the maximum allowed limit.
415 Unsupported Media Type The request media type/format is not supported (ie: Content-Type value doesn't align with what is expected).
429 Too Many Requests A rate limit has been exceeded, resulting in the request being throttled.
500  Internal server error An system error occurred while processing the request. If this situation persists, please open a support case.
503  Service Unavailable The API is currently unavailable due to maintenance.