SOAP API Documentation

This website provides documentation, code samples, and other information regarding API connectivity to the Chancreate a support ticket on the SSCnelAdvisor platform.  The documentation specifically describes the latest version of the API, V7.


Having been in service since 2006, the SOAP API is our legacy interface.  We still offer full support for V7, but where possible, developers of new integrations are strongly encouraged to consume the newer REST API, which offers the vast majority of the functionality in the SOAP API plus much more.  The REST API includes the SOAP API Credentials Flow to help SOAP API users transition to REST as seamlessly as possible.

Getting Started

Steps for Developer:

  1. See the Understanding Security page for instructions on setting up your API access.
  2. Check out the Intro to Integrations guide to get an idea of our capabilities.
  3. Review the provided Code Samples and Application Example - Exporting Orders which should help get you started.
  4. If you have questions about how to use the API, join our ChannelAdvisor Developer Network Google Group. You can search previous discussion threads for answers or start a new thread if your questions have not already been addressed.
  5. If you need help troubleshooting an error, create a support ticket on the ChannelAdvisor Community. Please be prepared to provide the XML request and response.

Web Services

Please note, we support SOAP v1.1 but not SOAP v1.2.

Frequently Used Services

Other Services

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Service Description


Cart Service

Manage shopping carts.

Deprecated Services