Classification name and attribute information for an inventory item.


Field Name

Data Type


Notes / Constraints

Name *


Specifies the name of the Inventory Item Classification to associate with the Inventory Item

If the specified Classification does NOT exist, it WILL BE CREATED



Specifies the list of synchronization properties of the Classification attributes for this Inventory Item Classification

See object-level detail page for more information


  • As part of InventoryItemSubmit object: 
    • * Indicates a REQUIRED Field ... Fields that are NOT required may be set to a null value or left out of a manually built SOAP packet
    • For EXISTING Inventory Items:
      • Any Field that is set to a null value or left out of a manually built SOAP packet will NOT be modified from its current value
      • If you pass this object as part of the synchronize operation and you specify a pre-existing Classification that is different than the one currently associated with the Inventory Item, then any values stored for Classification Attributes that match in name between the two Classifications will be maintained for the Inventory Item