REST API Call Logs

Developers can log into the Developer Console and access call logs to assist with troubleshooting.

  1. Go to and login with Developer Key and Password
  2. Locate the application being used to make requests 
    1. If no application exists, REST API calls are not being made today
  3. Click on View Integrations

  4. Click on View Call Logs in the account for the integration where requests were made to and locate any specific requests and view the raw JSON request and response.
  5. Identify the individual requests and copy/review the raw data for error resolution.
  6. Only requests with certain response status codes will be logged, therefore plan to log requests on the client/developer server side for additional troubleshooting or to provide request information to ChannelAdvisor when requesting support:
    1. Logged
      1. 200-299 Response Status
      2. 500-599 Response Status
    2. Not Logged
      1. 400-499 Response Status