Buy Online Pickup in Store & Local Delivery Workflow

Why Support these Workflows?

  • Channels that support programs for buy-online pickup in store and/or local courier delivery need more granular communication from order receipt to order preparedness.
  • The workflow below defines each of those steps as they relate to Orders and Fulfillments.
  • Most of the requests in this workflow require the FulfillmentID from the order and not the OrderID.
  • About Profile IDs and Unique System IDs
    • A refresh token/authorization can provide access to multiple profiles, but the ID required in the URL of these requests unique across all Orders, Order Items, Fulfillments, and Fulfillment Items across all authorized profiles.
    • The Fulfillment ID or Order ID will be unique across all authorized Profiles, therefore the Profile ID is not required in any of the requests.

Resource URLs / Endpoints in This Workflow

  • Retrieve Orders: GET$expand=Fulfillments
  • To move fulfillments through the various DeliveryStatus values:
    • POST
    • PATCH or PUT
  • To generate a label:
    • POST