Cancel Item and Retain Shipping Costs

Order Scenario for Example

Order TypeSingle SKU, Multi Quantity
Total Quantity3
Item Unit Price14.95
Total Item Price (Qty x Unit Price)44.85
Total Order Tax3.59
Total Order Shipping9.95
Total Order Shipping Tax0.15

This is considered a partial price cancellation to retain the shipping and shipping tax on the order. It will only work for eBay and Wish orders.

Below is an example of the behavior expected if attempting to execute a request formatted to retain shipping costs in a pre-shipment scenario (aka partial price cancel).

Example Request & Response
    "Reason": "BuyerCancelled",
    "SellerAdjustmentID": "SampleAdjustmentID-12345",
	"Quantity": 1,
    "ItemAdjustment": 14.95,
    "TaxAdjustment": 1.20,
    "RefundOnly": true
Example Response (Success)
204 No Response

Expected Behavior

  • For Wish & eBay Orders
    • Exactly 16.15 from the original order will be refunded to the buyer, and all remaining charges on the order including shipping costs will be retained by the seller.
  • For All Other Marketplace Orders
    • Every dollar from the original order will be refunded to the buyer regardless of values sent in the request. This will be communicated back to the marketplace as a refund, and the marketplace will refund the total amount through whatever payment method was originally used (ie: PayPal, Amazon, etc).
      • The individual adjustment values for the item, tax, shipping, and shipping tax are ignored in the request because partial price cancellations are not allowed by other marketplaces.
  • For All Marketplace Orders
    • A valid marketplace reason will be converted from the "BuyerCancelled" value provided, and will be sent to the marketplace.
    • The SellerAdjustmentID value will be set to "SampleAdjustmentID-12345" in the ChannelAdvisor system, but will not be shared with the marketplace.
    • Restock defaults to 'false' and Quantity will not be added back to the ChannelAdvisor system.