Full Item Cancel - Retain Fee for Inconvenience

Order Scenario for Example

Order TypeSingle SKU, Multi Quantity
Total Quantity3
Item Unit Price14.95
Total Item Price (Qty x Unit Price)44.85
Total Order Tax3.59
Total Order Shipping9.95
Total Order Shipping Tax0.15

Problem with this scenario: this is not considered a partial quantity cancellation. It is considered a partial price cancellation to retain a small fee ($5.00) for processing and cancelling the order. No marketplace allows retention of monies (for any reason) in a pre-shipment scenario.

Below is an example of the behavior expected if attempting to execute a request formatted to retain shipping costs in a pre-shipment scenario (aka partial price cancel).

Scenario Specific Goals

  • Seller wants to refund all cost associated with the order minus 5.00 as an inconvenience fee.
  • The marketplace allows for item-level cancellations
  • Send valid reason for cancellation (recommended)
  • Send an adjustment ID
  • No need to restock product immediately
Example Request & Response
POST https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/OrderItems(12345678)/Adjust?access_token=xxxxxxxxxx
    "Reason": "BuyerCancelled",
    "SellerAdjustmentID": "SampleAdjustmentID-12345",
    "ItemAdjustment": 39.85,
    "TaxAdjustment": 3.59,
    "ShippingAdjustment": 9.95,
Example Response (Success)
204 No Response

Expected Behavior

  • Every dollar from the original order will be refunded to the buyer regardless of values sent in the request. This will be communicated back to the marketplace as a refund, and the marketplace will refund the total amount through whatever payment method was originally used (ie: PayPal, Amazon, etc).
    • Notice, the individual adjustment values for the item, tax, shipping, and shipping tax are ignored in the request because partial price cancellations on order is not allowed by any marketplace.
  • A valid marketplace reason will be converted from the "BuyerCancelled" value provided, and will be sent to the marketplace.
  • The SellerAdjustmentID value will be set to "SampleAdjustmentID-12345" in the ChannelAdvisor system, but will not be shared with the marketplace.
  • Restock defaults to 'false' and Quantity will not be added back to the ChannelAdvisor system.