Partial Item Quantity Refund

Order Scenario for Examples

Order TypeSingle SKU, Multi Quantity
Total Quantity3
Item Unit Price14.95
Total Item Price (Qty x Unit Price)44.85
Total Order Tax3.59
Total Order Shipping9.95
Total Order Shipping Tax0.15

Scenario Specific Goal

  • Refund all costs associated with quantity of 1 item from an order, including an appropriate ratio of shipping and tax costs.
  • The marketplace allows for item-level partial quantity refunds
  • Send valid reason for refund (recommended)
  • Send an adjustment ID
  • Don't restock product immediately

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

OrderItemID RequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the OrderItem.
ReasonRequiredInclude in body. Required to fulfill goal. Indicates why the adjustment was requested. Use enum values.
Defaults to "GeneralAdjustment" if property is not provided.
QuantityRequiredInclude in body. Required to fulfill goal. The number of units being refunded. Cannot be more than the total in the original order.
SellerAdjustmentIDRequiredInclude in body. Required to fulfill goal. Identifier provided by the seller.
All other OrderItem Adjustment properties are optional. See full list of available properties at Refund & Cancel Orders (Item Level).
Example Request
    "Reason": "CustomerReturnedItem",
    "SellerAdjustmentID": "SampleAdjustmentID-12345",
    "Quantity": 1
Example Response (Success)
204 No Response

Expected Behavior

  • One item from the original order will be refunded at a value of 14.95 + 1.20 for taxes + 3.32 for shipping + 0.05 for shipping tax. This will be communicated back to the marketplace as a refund, and the marketplace will refund the total amount through whatever payment method was originally used (ie: PayPal, Amazon, etc).
    • Note: if values are provided for ItemAdjustment, TaxAdjustment, ShippingAdjustment, or ShippingTaxAdjustment, they will be honored - ChannelAdvisor will not execute the math in that scenario.
  • A valid marketplace reason will be converted from the "CustomerReturnedItem" value provided, and will be sent to the marketplace.
  • The SellerAdjustmentID value will be set to "SampleAdjustmentID-12345" in the ChannelAdvisor system, but will not be shared with the marketplace.
  • Restock defaults to 'false' and quantity will not be added back to the ChannelAdvisor system.