Partial Item Quantity Refund - Retain Shipping Charges

Order Scenario for Example

Order TypeSingle SKU, Multi Quantity
Total Quantity3
Item Unit Price14.95
Total Item Price (Qty x Unit Price)44.85
Total Order Tax3.59
Total Order Shipping9.95
Total Order Shipping Tax0.00

Scenario Specific Goal

  • Refund item cost and item tax cost on partial quantity
  • Retain all shipping charges

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

OrderItemID RequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the OrderItem.
QuantityRequiredInclude in body. Required to fulfill goal. Total quantity of items to be refunded.
ShippingAdjustmentRequiredInclude in body. Required to fulfill goal. Total amount of shipping cost to be refunded.
ForceCalculateOmittedAmountsRequiredInclude in body. Required to fulfill goal. Tells the system to calculate amounts for properties not included in the request (ItemAdjustment, TaxAdjustment)
All other OrderItem Adjustment properties are optional. See full list of available properties at Refund & Cancel Orders (Item Level).
Example Request
    "Quantity": 1,
    "ShippingAdjustment": 0,
    "ForceCalculateOmittedAmounts": true
Example Response (Success)
204 No Response

Expected Behavior

  • One item from the original order will be refunded at a value of 14.95 + 1.96 for taxes. No shipping costs or any other costs on the order will be refunded. This will be communicated back to the marketplace as a refund, and the marketplace will refund the total amount through whatever payment method was originally used (ie: PayPal, Amazon, etc).
  • Note: if an order has Shipping Tax, be sure to define that in the request explicitly as 0 to ensure it is not refunded - any omitted fields, including Shipping Tax will be refunded.