Refund Shipped Items when Order is Not Completely Fulfilled

Order Scenario for Example

Order TypeSingle SKU, Multi Quantity
Total Quantity of Item5
Qty Unshipped2
Qty Shipped3
Goal to RefundQty 1

Goal of this scenario: refund 1 of the 3 shipped quantity items, leaving the unshipped quantity in an unshipped state.

If RefundOnly is omitted from this request, Quantity of 1 Unshipped will be cancelled.

Example Request & Response
    "Reason": "BuyerCancelled",
    "Quantity": 1,
    "RefundOnly": true
Example Response (Success)
204 No Response

Expected Behavior (For All Marketplaces that Support Item Refunds)

  • A valid marketplace reason will be converted from the "BuyerCancelled" value provided, and will be sent to the marketplace.
  • A total quantity of 1 - and the dollar item, item tax, and shipping costs associated with quantity of 1 of those items will be refunded to the buyer. 
  • Restock defaults to 'false' and Quantity will not be added back to the ChannelAdvisor system.