Create a New Fulfillment

When to Use & Considerations

  • To ship items in the same Order with different tracking number or different carrier/classes, create a new fulfillment first.
    • Cannot create a New Fulfillment and define an existing product to be moved to that Fulfillment in the same request (the new Fulfillment ID is provided within the response for the request below).
    • See Move Entire Fulfillment Into New Fulfillment
  • Optionally mark the fulfillment as shipped while creating the fulfillment, or make a separate request to do so - the example below does not mark the order as shipped.
  • See the more efficient methods under Shipments section. ChannelAdvisor can create new Fulfillments intelligently through that methodology.

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

OrderIDRequiredInclude in body. The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Order.
ProfileIDRequiredInclude in body. The ChannelAdvisor Profile ID identifying the profile - required when authorization covers multiple profiles.
All other POST Fulfillment properties are optional to achieve the goal defined.
Example Request
	"OrderID": 4445862222,
	"ProfileID": 12345678
Example Response (Success)
201 Created
  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Fulfillments/$entity",
  "ID": 11399141,
  "ProfileID": 12345678,
  "OrderID": 4445862222,
  "CreatedDateUtc": "2014-09-04T15:38:57.92Z",
  "UpdatedDateUtc": "2014-09-04T15:38:57.877Z",
  "Type": "Ship",
  "DeliveryStatus": "NoChange",
  "TrackingNumber": null,
  "ShippingCarrier": null,
  "ShippingClass": null,
  "DistributionCenterID": 0,
  "ShippedDateUtc": null,
  "SellerFulfillmentID": null