Update Existing Fulfillment Carrier/Class

When to Use

  • To update the default fulfillment created by ChannelAdvisor upon order creation and mark the order as shipped.
    • However, we advise using the more efficient methods outlined under the Shipments page.
  • To update the tracking number or shipment date on an existing fulfillment that has already been marked as shipped.
  • If splitting the items or shipments on an order, update the default shipment with one of the items in the order, and create a new Fulfillment (see instructions earlier on this page) to satisfy the other item(s) in the order. This method is far more cumbersome than using the more efficient options outlined on the Shipments page.

Resource URL / Endpoint

PATCH or PUT https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Fulfillments(FulfillmentID)

Important and/or Required Parameters

*If DeliveryStatus is not defined in a request, the order will be marked as shipped.

FulfillmentIDRequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Fulfillment.
DeliveryStatusRequired*Include in body. Value of 'NoChange' will be required to prevent the the order from being marked as shipped (unless sending a value that will result in the order being marked as shipped).
See enum list of valid values under FulfillmentDeliveryStatus.
ShippingCarrierRequiredInclude in body. Required if ShippingClass is sent, and required to fulfill the goal of this scenario.
Value must be in ChannelAdvisor's list of Account Shipping Carrier/Class Codes (note: custom values can be added).
ShippingClassRequiredInclude in body. Required if ShippingCarrier is sent, and required to fulfill the goal of this scenario.
Value must be in ChannelAdvisor's list of Account Shipping Carrier/Class Codes (note: custom values can be added).
All other Fulfillment and FulfillmentItem properties are optional to achieve the goal defined.
Example Request
PATCH or PUT https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Fulfillments(11188712)?access_token=xxxxxxxxxx
Example Response (Success)
204 No Content