Marketplace-Specific Order Responses

Please note, these examples may not include all fields seen during order retrieval, as all API Additions/Updates cannot be accounted for in this many examples. Adjustments/additions will be made when possible.

Below is a table with responses from the endpoint GET /v1/Orders in JSON format, with reference to the format of the URL used to retrieve the data.

Note: not all scenarios may exist for a marketplace at this time, shipping status of examples will vary, and some fields like SellerOrderID, PublicNotes, or PrivateNotes will be populated because a seller populated them in the source order (this will most often happen on shipped orders). Review the Marketplace Carrier & Class Codes for information on the default values to expect from the marketplaces when viewing a 'Shipped' example.

Amazon Order Examples

Marketplace NameSingle Item/Single QtySingle Item/Multiple QtyMulti Item/Qty Varies
Amazon Business USExamples Not Yet AvailableExamples Not Yet AvailableAmazon Business US (2 Line Items) - Unshipped
Amazon CA (Non-FBA)Examples Not Yet AvailableAmazon CA (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped  Examples Not Yet Available
Amazon CA FBA*

Amazon CA FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon CA FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon CA FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon CN (Non-FBA)Amazon CN (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon CN (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Amazon CN (3 Line Item-Single Qty) - Shipped
Amazon CN FBA*Amazon CN FBA (1 Line Item)Examples Not Yet AvailableExamples Not Yet Available
Amazon DE (Non-FBA)Amazon DE (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon DE (2 Line Item) - ShippedAmazon DE (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped 
Amazon DE FBA*

Amazon DE FBA (1 Line Item).txt

Amazon DE FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon DE FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon ES (Non-FBA)Amazon ES (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon ES (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedAmazon ES (2 Line Item) - Shipped
Amazon ES FBA*^

Amazon ES FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon ES FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon ES FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon FR (Non-FBA)Amazon FR (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon FR (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedAmazon FR (Multi Line Item) - Shipped
Amazon FR FBA*^

Amazon FR FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon FR FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon FR FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon IN (Non-FBA)Amazon IN (1 Line Item) - ShippedAmazon IN (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedAmazon IN (2 Line Item) - Shipped
Amazon IT (Non-FBA)Amazon IT (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon IT (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedAmazon IT (2 Line Item) - Unshipped
Amazon IT FBA*^

Amazon IT FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon IT FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon IT FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon JP (Non-FBA)Amazon JP (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon JP (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedAmazon JP (2 Line Item) - Unshipped
Amazon JP FBA*

Amazon JP FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon JP FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon JP FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon MX (Non-FBA)Amazon MX (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon MX (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedAmazon MX (2 Line Item) - Shipped
Amazon MX FBA*

Amazon MX FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon MX FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon MX FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon US (Non-FBA)Amazon US (1 Line Item) - UnshippedAmazon US (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedAmazon US (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped
Amazon US (FBA)*Amazon US FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon US FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty)

Amazon US FBA (Multi Line Item) 
Amazon UK (Non-FBA)

Amazon UK (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Amazon UK (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Amazon UK (Multi Line Item) - Shipped
Amazon UK (FBA)*

Amazon UK FBA (1 Line Item)

Amazon UK FBA (1 Line Item - Multi Qty) Amazon UK FBA (Multi Line Item) 

FBA Orders will commonly come in marked as shipped, with all relevant data populated. However, to set Amazon settings to import Pending orders, FBA Orders will be received in Pending status, and not all data will be populated. See more info about Pending Orders here.

^ This is an FBA Order that uses a UK FBA location. It is possible to receive an order from an FBA location in the locale if one has been designated/setup in the profile.

eBay Order Examples

Other Marketplace Order Examples

Marketplace NameSingle Item/Single QtySingle Item/Multiple QtyMulti Item/Qty Varies

AliExpress (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

AliExpress (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedAliExpress (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 

BigCommerce (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

BigCommerce (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped BigCommerce (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 

Bluefly (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Bluefly (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped Bluefly (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
CDiscountCDiscount (1 Item-1 Qty) - ShippedCDiscount (1 Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedCDiscount (Multi Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped
Fruugo AUFruugo AU (1 Line Item) - ShippedExamples Not Yet Available
Examples Not Yet Available
Fruugo CA

Fruugo CA (1 Line Item) - Shipped

Examples Not Yet AvailableFruugo CA (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
Fruugo DE

Fruugo DE (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Fruugo DE (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped Fruugo DE (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
Fruugo UK

Fruugo UK (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Fruugo UK (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped Fruugo UK (2 Line Item) - Unshipped 
Google Express

Google Express (1 Line Item) - Unshipped.txt

Google Express (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped.txt Google Express (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped.txt 
Hollar US

Hollar US (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Hollar US (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Hollar US (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
JetJet (1 Line Item) - UnshippedJet (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedJet (2 Line Items) - Shipped

LaRedoute (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

LaRedoute (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped LaRedoute (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
ManoMano DE

ManoMano DE (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

ManoMano DE (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped ManoMano DE (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
ManoMano ES

ManoMano ES (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

ManoMano ES (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped ManoMano ES (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
ManoMano FR

ManoMano FR (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

ManoMano FR (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped ManoMano FR (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
ManoMano IT

ManoMano IT (1 Line Item) - Shipped

ManoMano IT (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped ManoMano IT (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
ManoMano UK

ManoMano UK (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

ManoMano UK (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped ManoMano UK (2 Line Item) - Unshipped 
Mercado Libre CBTMeliCBT (1 Item-1 Qty) - UnshippedMeliCBT (1 Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedNo Multi-Item Orders in Mercado Libre CBT
NewEggNewEgg (1 Line Item) - ShippedNewEgg (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedNewEgg (2 Line Items) - Shipped
NewEgg BusinessNewEgg Business (1 Line Item) - UnshippedNewEgg Business (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedNewEgg Business (2 Line Items) - Unshipped
NewEgg CanadaNewEgg CA (1 Line Item) - ShippedExamples Not Yet AvailableExamples Not Yet Available

Otto (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Otto (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Otto (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
OverstockOverstock (1 Line Item) - UnshippedOverstock (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - UnshippedOverstock (Multi Item Multi Qty) - Unshipped

Pricefalls (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Pricefalls (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped Pricefalls (2 Line Item) - Unshipped 
Rakuten USRakuten US (1 Line Item) - ShippedRakuten US (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedRakuten US (2 Line Item) - Shipped (1 Line Item) - Unshipped (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 
SearsSears (1 Line Item) - UnshippedSears (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedSears (2 Line Items) - Shipped (1 Line Item) - (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - (2 Line Items) - Shipped

Shopify (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Shopify (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Shopify (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
SKU Cloud

SKU Cloud (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

SKU Cloud (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped No Multi-Item Orders in SKU Cloud

Tanga (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Tanga (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Tanga (Multi Line Item) - Shipped 

Tesco (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Tesco (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Tesco (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
TradeMeTradeMe (1 Item-1 Qty) - UnshippedTradeMe (1 Item-Multi Qty) - ShippedTradeMe (Multi Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped
Walmart MarketplacesWalmart Marketplaces (1 Line Item) - UnshippedWalmart Marketplaces (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped

Walmart Marketplaces (Multi Line Item-Multi Qty) - Shipped

Walmart Marketplaces (Multi-Line Item Order) - Unshipped

Wayfair Drop Ship

Wayfair Drop Ship (1 Line Item) - Unshipped

Wayfair Drop Ship (1 Line Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped Wayfair Drop Ship (Multi Line Item) - Unshipped 
WishWish (1 Item-1 Qty) - UnshippedWish (1 Item-Multi Qty) - Unshipped
No Multi-Item Orders in Wish

Other Scenario Examples

Amazon US (Order with Item Shipping Promotion Applied) - Unshipped

Amazon UK (Order with Amazon Provided Taxes for VAT Disabled Account) - Shipped

Amazon UK (Order without Amazon Provided Taxes, ChannelAdvisor Generated Taxes for VAT Enabled Account) - Shipped

eBay ES (Order with Single Bundle) - Unshipped