Last Updated Date Utc


LastUpdatedDateUtc changes when different types of changes occur on an order, at multiple places in the order.

The table below provides context for what changes may occur to update this date. The REST API is changing regularly and new properties that could drive a change in this date can be introduced in the future.

Use-Cases / Best Practices

Retrieving orders updated recently (on a rolling basis) - looking for orders with updates in the last 4 hours

  • Example: GET$filter=UpdatedDateUtc ge ‘<MovingDateWindow>’

ChannelAdvisor strongly advises use of the exported=true parameter to ensure results do not include orders the destination system does not already know about.

  • Note: this is predicated on the idea an existing integration is marking orders as exported today.

Workflow Example to Check on 15 Minute Interval

  1. First Request: GET$filter=UpdatedDateUtc ge ‘2022-03-09T00:00:00.0000Z’
  2. Second Request: GET$filter=UpdatedDateUtc ge ‘2022-03-09T00:15:00.0000Z’
  3. Next Request:  GET$filter=UpdatedDateUtc ge ‘<insert last date/time + 15 minutes>’

What Changes the LastUpdatedDateUtc?

Order Entity / AreaChange Description
  • Payment, Checkout, Shipping, Refund status updates
  • Pricing changes after order is marked paid
  • Flag, Public/Private Notes updates
  • Identifiers (Site Order ID, Secondary Site Order ID, Seller Order ID) updates
  • EstimatedShipDate or DeliverByDate updates
  • Shipping or Billing Address updates
  • Invoice merged or split
  • Removal of personally identifiable information (PII Data).
    • This process can occur manually, but will automatically occur 30-90 days after the order depending on the marketplace origin.
  • New Order Items added
  • Gift message updates
  • Seller Item ID updates
  • Tax field updates
  • New Fulfillment created
  • DeliveryStatus updates
  • ExternalFulfillmentStatus updates to "Completed", "Held", or "Failed"
  • Tracking, Shipping Carrier/Class, Reference IDs, Shipped Date, Staging Location
  • Return Label additions
  • Insurance, Tax, Shipping cost updates
  • FulfillmentItem moves from one Fulfillment to another
  • Distribution Center cost updates
  • External Identifiers: SellerFulfillmentItemID
  • MarketplaceShippingStatus updates to "Complete", "Failed", "Completed without Notification"
OrderAdjustment or
  • Adjustment created
  • Adjustment status changes to actionable values: "Error", "PostProcessingComplete", "RejectionCompleted", "InformationOnly"
  • Cost/price field updates
  • Public Notes updates
  • Restock status
  • Return shipping method and tracking number