Order Tags

OrderTags provide information about the order for identification/information purposes.

  • The field is designed as a "String" and is not currently filterable within the API.
  • To filter this data, retrieve order data and complete filtering outside of the ChannelAdvisor API (through custom developed processes between the ChannelAdvisor API and client systems).
  • An order may have more than one OrderTag assigned - these will appear in a comma separated list (e.g. AmazonBusiness, AutoGeneratedSku).

OrderTags are available, filterable, and exportable (both one-time and scheduled) within the ChannelAdvisor user interface. Utilize available UI features to review this data in a format external to the API.

AmazonBusinessAmazon Business Account Order
AmazonGlobalExpressAmazon Global Express Order
AmazonInvoiceIndicates the invoice should be printed directly from Seller Central - for use with Amazon Business in Germany
AmazonInvoicedThe order was imported with Amazon VAT taxes included in the tax fields.
AmazonMerchantPrimeAmazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime Order
AmzBOPISAmazon local selling BOPIS program
AmzMktplcFacilitatorAny Amazon Marketplace order where Amazon is responsible for collecting and remitting taxes due to the Marketplace Facilitator legislation in the US can now be tagged if Amazon account is enabled to do so.

To enable ChannelAdvisor to access the marketplace facilitator information from Amazon, navigate to Amazon Seller Central account at Amazon Seller Central > Orders > Order Reports > Add or remove order report columns, then toggle on the Tax Collection Model field.
AmzOmniChannelAmazon pilot program for local courier delivery
AutoGeneratedSkuOrder contains a Sku that was automatically generated
AutoUnarchivedSkuOrder contains a Sku that was automatically unarchived
CustomizedOrder has been customized on Amazon (Amazon Custom)
eBayBuyerCancelBuyer has cancelled an eBay order and we are able to accept and approve the cancel
eBayClickAndCollectOrder is a Click and Collect Order
eBayExternalListingOrder is based on an eBay listing that is not in the system
eBayFulfillmentOrder is an eBay Fulfillment order
eBayGlobalShippingOrder is an eBay Global Shipping order
eBayGuaranteedDeliveryOrder is part of eBay Guaranteed Delivery (EGD) program
eBayInStorePickupOrder is an eBay in store pickup order
eBayMktplcFacilitatorSellers will now see zero dollar amount for tax on orders where eBay will be collecting and remitting taxes due to the Marketplace Facilitator legislation in the US.
eBayPlusDeliveryOrder is an eBay Plus (DE Only) order
eBayWithdrawZeroSalesIdentifies Orders with products that came from regenerated listings. More detail on this feature (requires login).
OrderConsolidatedOrder was consolidated using the eBay Order Consolidator
PaymentIDMismatchWhen the Paypal Address on the order doesn't match that in the posting template
ShipToStoreOrder that you needs to ship to a Walgreens store.
SiteFacilitatedTaxThe Marketplace is responsible for collecting and remitting taxes due to the Marketplace Facilitator legislation in the US.
Important Note: this tag does not exist for all channels. Also see AmzMkplcFacilitator and eBayMktplcFacilitator tags above for tags specific to these channels.
TestOrderOrder was created for testing during implementation
WalmartCustomerCareRefundWalmart executed a refund on behalf of the seller to comply with Walmart refund timelines
WalmartInStoreReturnOrder was returned in a Walmart store
WalmartTwoDayProgramOrder is part of the Walmart Two Day fulfillment program (typically accompanied by WFS order tag)
Wayfair2DayDeliveryOrder is part of the Wayfair Two Day Delivery program
WFSOrder is part of Walmart Fulfillment Services program (typically accompanied by WalmartTwoDayProgram order tag)