Order Site ID & Site Name Values

This page contains Site IDs and Site Names that can be used in order requests, and may appear in order response data. This page is updated manually, therefore it is possible newly added marketplaces are not on the list.

If launching a marketplace we support that doesn't appear on this list, please Contact Us through the API Forum or ChannelAdvisor Community so we can provide that information and add it to this page.

Marketplace Association Region / Notes
1263 Advanced Auto Parts Drop Ship US Advanced Auto Parts 1P United States
1304 Afound SE Afound United States
925 AliExpress AliExpress United States
886 Allyouneed Allyouneed Germany
1144 Amazon Drop Ship Amazon 1P United States
1160 Amazon Seller Central - AU Amazon Australia
644 Amazon Seller Central - CA Amazon Canada
686 Amazon Seller Central - CN Amazon China
642 Amazon Seller Central - DE Amazon Germany
683 Amazon Seller Central - ES Amazon Spain
643 Amazon Seller Central - FR Amazon France
1075 Amazon Seller Central - IN Amazon India
645 Amazon Seller Central - IT Amazon Italy
689 Amazon Seller Central - JP Amazon Japan
692 Amazon Seller Central - MX Amazon Mexico
640 Amazon Seller Central - US Amazon United States
641 Amazon UK Amazon United Kingdom
1129 Amazon Vendor Amazon 1P United States
1163 American Outlets US American Outlets United States
1264 AutoZone Drop Ship US AutoZone 1P United States
1080 Avenue51 Avenue51 United Kingdom
1081 Azoya AU Azoya Australia
1089 Azoya CH Azoya China
1087 Azoya DE Azoya Germany
1086 Azoya FR Azoya France
1083 Azoya JP Azoya Japan
1084 Azoya KR Azoya Korea
1088 Azoya NL Azoya Netherlands
1082 Azoya NZ Azoya New Zealand
1085 Azoya UK Azoya United Kingdom
1078 Azoya US Azoya United States
1174 Best Buy Drop Ship US Best Buy 1P United States
863 BigCommerce BigCommerce United States
1021 Bluefly Bluefly United States
1143 BluTag US BluTag United States
1146 Cadeaux FR Cadeaux France
1262 Carquest Drop Ship US Carquest United States
1133 Catch AU Catch Australia
967 CDiscount CDiscount France
587 Checkout Direct n/a Legacy default value when clients or developers
create any orders in any account
1266 Chewy Drop Ship US Chewy 1P United States
1121 Coolshop DE Coolshop Germany
1115 Coolshop DK Coolshop Denmark
1118 Coolshop FI Coolshop Finland
1122 Coolshop NL Coolshop Netherlands
1119 Coolshop NO Coolshop Norway
1117 Coolshop SE Coolshop Sweden
1120 Coolshop UK Coolshop United Kingdom
1112 Dealbar US Dealbar United States
1147 Distriartisan FR Distriartisan France
1265 DSW Drop Ship DSW 1P United States
582 eBay Australia eBay Auctions Australia
702 eBay Austria eBay Auctions Austria
705 eBay Belgium (Dutch) eBay Auctions Belgium
577 eBay Canada eBay Auctions Canada
576 eBay Fixed Price eBay Fixed Price All Regions / Site Name will differ by region:
"eBay Fixed Price US"
"eBay Fixed Price UK"
"eBay Fixed Price DE"
580 eBay France eBay Auctions France
579 eBay Germany eBay Auctions Germany
648 eBay Hong Kong eBay Auctions Hong Kong
625 eBay Ireland eBay Auctions Ireland
616 eBay Italy eBay Auctions Italy
568 eBay Motors eBay Motors United States
592 eBay Motors Fixed Price eBay Motors Fixed Price All Regions / Site Name will differ by region:
"eBay Motors US"
"eBay Motors DE"
"eBay Motors AU"
"eBay Motors UK"
701 eBay Netherlands eBay Auctions Netherlands
704 eBay Poland eBay Auctions Poland
647 eBay Singapore eBay Auctions Singapore
614 eBay Spain eBay Auctions Spain
703 eBay Switzerland eBay Auctions Switzerland
581 eBay UK eBay Auctions United Kingdom
1135 ePRICE IT ePRICE Italy
1197 Eumeria UK Eumeria United Kingdom
1179 Eumeria US Eumeria United States
1094 Fruugo AU Fruugo Australia
1290 Fruugo BE Fruugo Belgium
1092 Fruugo CA Fruugo Canada
1292 Fruugo CH Fruugo Switzerland
1093 Fruugo CN Fruugo China
1095 Fruugo DE Fruugo Germany
1287 Fruugo ES Fruugo Spain
1286 Fruugo FR Fruugo France
1291 Fruugo IE Fruugo Ireland
1288 Fruugo IT Fruugo Italy
1289 Fruugo NL Fruugo Netherlands
1294 Fruugo PL Fruugo Poland
1293 Fruugo PT Fruugo Portugal
1090 Fruugo UK Fruugo United Kingdom
1091 Fruugo US Fruugo United States
825 Fullbeauty Fullbeauty United States
1018 Game Game United Kingdom
1152 GameSeek UK GameSeek United Kingdom
1168 Google Express Google United States
1159 GO Sport FR GO Sport France
1134 Hollar US Hollar United States
1192 Houzz Marketplace Houzz United States
1175 Houzz Drop Ship US Houzz 1P United States
1019 Iguama Iguama United States
1268 J.C. Penny Drop Ship US J.C. Penny 1P United States
930 Jet Jet United States
1130 Jet Drop Ship Jet 1P United States
829 La Redoute LaRedoute France
1098 Lazada ID Lazada India
1097 Lazada MY Lazada Malaysia
1099 Lazada SG Lazada Singapore
1100 Lazada TH Lazada Thailand
1165 Lowe's Wholesale US Lowe's Wholesale United States
1170 Macy's Drop Ship US Macy's 1P United States
1111 ManoMano DE ManoMano Germany
1073 ManoMano ES ManoMano Spain
1072 ManoMano FR ManoMano France
1074 ManoMano IT ManoMano Italy
1071 ManoMano UK ManoMano United Kingdom
1162 Market.com UK Market.com United Kingdom
1132 MassGenie US MassGenie United States
845 MercadoLibre AR MercadoLibre Argentina
928 MercadoLibre CBT MercadoLibre Cross Border Trade
907 MercadoLibre MX MercadoLibre Mexico
844 MercadoLivre BR MercadoLibre Brazil
843 MercadoLivre BR (USD) MercadoLibre United States
1187 Motoroso US Motoroso United States
665 Newegg Newegg United States
926 Newegg Business Newegg Business United States
927 Newegg Canada Newegg Canada
1177 Nordstrom Drop Ship US Nordstrom 1P United States
1069 Otto Otto Germany
1101 Overstock Overstock United States
1131 Overstock Drop Ship Overstock 1P United States
1272 Pep Boys Drop Ship US Pep Boys 1P United States
1109 Pricefalls Pricefalls United States
656 Rakuten.com Shopping Rakuten.com Shopping United States / Formerly Buy.com
909 Rakuten.de RakutenDotDe Germany
664 Sell on Sears Sears United States
832 Shop.com Marketplace Shop.com Marketplace United States
862 Shopify Shopify United States
1136 ShopTo UK ShopTo United Kingdom
934 SKUCloud SKUCloud United States
1150 Steals AU Steals Australia
1149 Steals CA Steals Canada
1148 Steals US Steals United States
1169 Stein Mart Drop Ship US Stein Mart 1P United States
1022 Tanga Tanga United States
1164 Target Drop Ship US Target 1P United States
842 Tesco Tesco United Kingdom
1259 THE LAND US The Land United States
908 Tmall Global TMALL China
1128 Tophatter AU Tophatter Australia
1124 Tophatter CA Tophatter Canada
1127 Tophatter CN Tophatter China
1126 Tophatter DE Tophatter Germany
1125 Tophatter UK Tophatter United Kingdom
1116 Tophatter US Tophatter United States
1267 Toys R Us Drop Ship US Toys R Us 1P United States
828 TradeMe TradeMe New Zealand
1172 VogaCloset UK VogaCloset United Kingdom
1138 VoyageOne US VoyageOne United States
1261 Walmart Canada Walmart Canada
996 Walmart Marketplace Walmart United States
1151 Walmart.com Drop Ship US Walmart.com 1P United States
1145 Wayfair Drop Ship US Wayfair 1P United States
1026 Web Shop Manager    
1008 Wish Wish United States
1158 Wupti DK Wupti Denmark
1064 Xiu Xiu United States
635 Yahoo! Stores    
1005 Zalando - BE Zalando Belgium
919 Zalando - DE Zalando Germany
1002 Zalando - FR Zalando France
1006 Zalando - IT Zalando Italy
1004 Zalando - NL Zalando Netherlands
1003 Zalando - UK Zalando United Kingdom