Order Taxes


  • For US sellers, the differences in the tax values have no impact unless selling internationally.
  • For International sellers, if a country charges VAT taxes, the differences below will have an impact in how to accept and interpret the order data presented.
  • In the core data of an Order three fields reference tax types.
    • These fields are not filterable or sortable, and can only be set during creation of an order. 
    • It's important to reference these if selling internationally or have VAT tax considerations/settings in place because the content behind order totals and item pricing differs based on the data in these fields.
    • Refunds and cancellations need to include taxes at the item levels and order totals where appropriate based on the tax types sent in the original order.
  • For all orders delivered through marketplaces - all three fields will have the same enumerated value in an order - combinations of different values will not exist
    • e.g. OrderTaxType, ShippingTaxType, and GiftOptionsTaxType will not exist with a mixture of InclusiveVat and ExclusiveVat among the three properties
  • For orders created in the ChannelAdvisor system by developers or clients - these three field values may vary.

Order-Level Fields Where Order Tax Types are Defined

PropertyType (Max Length)POSTPATCHSOAP EquivalentDescription
OrderTaxTypeenumOptionalReadOnlyVATTaxCalculationOptionThe type of tax applied to the item costs.
ShippingTaxTypeenumOptionalReadOnlyVATShippingOptionThe type of tax applied to the shipping costs.
GiftOptionsTaxTypeenumOptionalReadOnlyVATGiftWrapOptionThe type of tax applied to the gift option costs.

Enumerated Values (for All Three Fields)

NoTax (default)0Tax is not included in costs.
Standard1Tax is not included in costs.
ExclusiveVat2Tax is not included in costs.
InclusiveVat3Tax is included in costs.

Examples Focusing on TaxType