Pending Orders


This page is meant to bring to light the differences between a Paid Order and a Pending Order.

  • Pending orders are orders that have not yet cleared payment validation checks at the marketplace.
  • The process for retrieving pending orders is identical to other methods - see the other pages under Retrieve Orders for more detail on this.
  • Not all marketplaces make Pending Orders available to sellers.
  • Amazon US will send Pending Orders as long as the Amazon settings (within the ChannelAdvisor system) are set to import the pending orders.
  • Some data points will not be populated like a final order - Payment Status will be different, and Buyer Id and Email address will not represent the final values.
  • SKU and product quantity information is provided by including an expand on 'Items'.
  • Buyers may cancel part of an order prior to the marketplace finalizing the order data.
    • This means a pending order can exist with multiple items, but by the time the final version is available, one or more of those items on the order may be cancelled by the buyer.
    • When the final order comes in with all the data, there are a couple indicators an item (or items) were cancelled - see the second table below.
  • To receive Amazon Pending Orders:

    • A setup step in the ChannelAdvisor Amazon Settings page is required > read "Choose How Order Fulfillment is Communicated to Amazon".

    • Read through the documentation on Amazon Pending Orders for nuances.

    • By opting to retrieve these orders, be aware they could still be cancelled by Amazon - this process is outlined in one of the examples below.

Data Points That Will Differ in Pending Orders

PropertyExpected Value on Pending OrderExpected Value on Non-Pending Order
Items [UnitPrice]0Positive Numeric Value for the Unit Price
Multiple OtherMultiple other fields - often including shipping and billing addresses - will be null or blank in a pending order.
However, the key properties noted above are more efficient to key off in pending orders. 

Indicators for Cancelled Items in Previously Pending Order

PropertyExpected Value When Cancellation Occurred
Items [UnitPrice]0
Fulfillments [DeliveryStatus]Cancelled

Pending Order Request Examples