Display All Collection Data

When to Use

  • To show expanded order information: Item level basic detail, Bundle Components, requested Carrier/Class information.

    • Advise against using the example below requestbecause the response time is extraordinarily long.

    • Use the example below as a guide to utilizing the $expand parameter.
    • Generally this format is only recommended when capturing this data for a single order.
    • Response time can be unreasonably long for larger batch processing.

  • Different marketplaces will provide different data points on unshipped orders.

  • See more on all the options for filtering, querying, expanding data under the Getting and Filtering Data page.
  • Specific shipping carriers/classes received in Fulfillment data will vary from one marketplace to the next, and may be fully customized by the seller at the marketplace.
  • See more information on some default Shipping Carrier and Class values by marketplace here: Marketplace Shipping Carrier Class Combos

Resource URL / Endpoint

GET https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders?$expand=Items($expand=FulfillmentItems,Promotions,Adjustments,BundleComponents),Fulfillments($expand=Items),Adjustments,CustomFields
GET https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders(OrderID)?$expand=Items($expand=FulfillmentItems,Promotions,Adjustments,BundleComponents),Fulfillments($expand=Items),Adjustments,CustomFields
GET https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders?$filter=ProfileID eq ProfileID&$expand=Items($expand=FulfillmentItems,Promotions,Adjustments,BundleComponents),Fulfillments($expand=Items),Adjustments,CustomFields

Important and/or Required Parameters

ProfileIDConditionalInclude in URL. Required if need to only retrieve orders from a single profile when authorized for multiple profiles.
The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Profile.
Replace value with numeric integer representing the ID.
OrderIDConditionalInclude in URL. Required to retrieve a specific order.
The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Order.
When specifying the Order ID, the Profile ID is not needed since the Order ID will be unique across all profiles.
$expand=RequiredInclude in URL. Defines the expansion method for the response.
Items($expand=FulfillmentItems,Promotions,Adjustments,BundleComponents)RequiredInclude in URL. Defines expansion of the Items collection and all collections within the Item.
Fulfillments($expand=Items)RequiredInclude in URL. Defines expansion of the Fulfillments collection and the Items collection within the Fulfillment.
AdjustmentsRequiredInclude in URL. Defines expansion of the Adjustments collection.
CustomFieldsRequiredInclude in URL. Defines expansion of the CustomFields collection.
Example Request
GET https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders(108971)?access_token=xxxxxxxxxx&$expand=Items($expand=FulfillmentItems,Promotions,Adjustments,BundleComponents),Fulfillments($expand=Items),Adjustments,CustomFields
Example Response (Success)
200 OK
  "@odata.context": "https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/$metadata#Orders/$entity",
  "ID": 19993489,
  "ProfileID": 1234578,
  "SiteID": 587,
  "SiteName": "Amazon Seller Central - US",
  "SiteOrderID": "108-9989137-0000002",
  "SecondarySiteOrderID": null,
  "SellerOrderID": null,
  "CheckoutSourceID": null,
  "CreatedDateUtc": "2016-06-27T13:24:55.85Z",
  "ImportDateUtc": "2016-06-27T13:24:56.56Z",
  "PublicNotes": null,
  "PrivateNotes": "",
  "SpecialInstructions": "",
  "TotalPrice": 17,
  "TotalTaxPrice": 1,
  "TotalShippingPrice": 6,
  "TotalShippingTaxPrice": null,
  "TotalInsurancePrice": 0,
  "TotalGiftOptionPrice": 0,
  "TotalGiftOptionTaxPrice": null,
  "AdditionalCostOrDiscount": 0,
  "EstimatedShipDateUtc": null,
  "DeliverByDateUtc": null,
  "ResellerID": null,
  "FlagID": 0,
  "FlagDescription": null,
  "OrderTags": null,
  "DistributionCenterTypeRollup": "SellerManaged",
  "CheckoutStatus": "Completed",
  "PaymentStatus": "Cleared",
  "ShippingStatus": "Unshipped",
  "CheckoutDateUtc": "2016-06-27T13:24:55.85Z",
  "PaymentDateUtc": "2016-06-27T13:24:55.85Z",
  "ShippingDateUtc": null,
  "BuyerUserId": "amazon_random_email@marketplace.amazon.com",
  "BuyerEmailAddress": "amazon_random_email@marketplace.amazon.com",
  "BuyerEmailOptIn": false,
  "OrderTaxType": "NoTax",
  "ShippingTaxType": "NoTax",
  "GiftOptionsTaxType": "NoTax",
  "PaymentMethod": "Amazon",
  "PaymentTransactionID": null,
  "PaymentPaypalAccountID": null,
  "PaymentCreditCardLast4": "",
  "PaymentMerchantReferenceNumber": null,
  "ShippingTitle": null,
  "ShippingFirstName": "John",
  "ShippingLastName": "Doe",
  "ShippingSuffix": null,
  "ShippingCompanyName": null,
  "ShippingCompanyJobTitle": null,
  "ShippingDaytimePhone": "1234567890",
  "ShippingEveningPhone": null,
  "ShippingAddressLine1": "1234 Main Street",
  "ShippingAddressLine2": "",
  "ShippingCity": "Anytown",
  "ShippingStateOrProvince": "FL",
  "ShippingPostalCode": "33813-4545",
  "ShippingCountry": "US",
  "BillingTitle": null,
  "BillingFirstName": "John",
  "BillingLastName": "Doe",
  "BillingSuffix": "",
  "BillingCompanyName": "",
  "BillingCompanyJobTitle": null,
  "BillingDaytimePhone": "1234567890",
  "BillingEveningPhone": null,
  "BillingAddressLine1": "1234 Main Street",
  "BillingAddressLine2": "",
  "BillingCity": "Anytown",
  "BillingStateOrProvince": "FL",
  "BillingPostalCode": "33813-4545",
  "BillingCountry": "US",
  "PromotionCode": null,
  "PromotionAmount": 0,
  "Items": [
      "ID": 22313195,
      "ProfileID": 1234578,
      "OrderID": 19993489,
      "ProductID": 22120969,
      "SiteOrderItemID": "",
      "SiteListingID": "141964888",
      "Sku": "CG0001",
      "Title": "Test Product CG0001",
      "Quantity": 2,
      "UnitPrice": 10,
      "TaxPrice": 1,
      "ShippingPrice": 6,
      "ShippingTaxPrice": 0,
      "RecyclingFee": 0,
      "GiftMessage": null,
      "GiftNotes": null,
      "GiftPrice": 0,
      "GiftTaxPrice": 0,
      "IsBundle": false,
      "ItemURL": "",
      "FulfillmentItems": [
          "ID": 7368138,
          "ProfileID": 1234578,
          "FulfillmentID": 11356614,
          "OrderID": 19993489,
          "OrderItemID": 22313195,
          "Quantity": 2,
          "ProductID": 22120969
      "Promotions": [
          "ID": 2389,
          "Code": "TestPromoCode",
          "Amount": -10,
          "ShippingAmount": 0
      "Adjustments": [],
      "BundleComponents": []
  "Fulfillments": [
      "ID": 11356614,
      "ProfileID": 1234578,
      "OrderID": 19993489,
      "CreatedDateUtc": "2016-06-27T13:24:55.85Z",
      "UpdatedDateUtc": "2016-06-27T13:24:56.737Z",
      "Type": "Ship",
      "DeliveryStatus": "NoChange",
      "TrackingNumber": null,
      "ShippingCarrier": null,
      "ShippingClass": null,
      "DistributionCenterID": 149,
	  "ExternalFulfillmentCenterCode": null,
      "ShippedDateUtc": null,
      "SellerFulfillmentID": null,
      "Items": [
          "ID": 7368138,
          "ProfileID": 1234578,
          "FulfillmentID": 11356614,
          "OrderID": 19993489,
          "OrderItemID": 22313195,
          "Quantity": 2,
          "ProductID": 22120969
  "Adjustments": [],
  "CustomFields": []
Example Response (Failure)
GET https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders?access_token=xxxxxxxxxx&$expand=Item,Fulfillments
"Item" is not a valid property
400 Bad Request
  "error": {
    "code": "",
    "message": "The query specified in the URI is not valid. Could not find a property named 'Item' on type 'ChannelAdvisor.RestApi.V1.Models.Order'."
Example Response (Failure)
GET https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders?access_token=xxxxxxxxxx&$expand=Items,Fulfillments&$filter=ProfileID eq 12345678
ProfileID is not in the approved profiles for this authorization.
400 Bad Request
  "error": {
    "code": "10169068",
    "message": "Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation."