Include Distribution Center Data on FBA Order

When to Use

  • When retrieving orders, capture External Fulfillment Code values on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) orders, where a value is provided representing the Fulfillment Center the item was shipped from.

  • See more on all the options for filtering, querying, expanding data under the Getting and Filtering Data page

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

OrderIDConditionalInclude in URL. Required to retrieve a specific order. 
The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Order.
When specifying the Order ID, the Profile ID is not needed since the Order ID will be unique across all profiles.
$expand=FulfillmentsRequiredInclude in the URL. Required to fulfill goal. Expands the Fulfillment level data in the order where the DistributionCenterID exists.
Example Request
Example Response (Success)
200 OK
  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Orders/$entity",
  "ID": 98876543,
  "ProfileID": 12345678,
  "SiteID": 640,
  "SiteName": "Amazon Seller Central - US",
  "SiteOrderID": "123-4567890-1234567",
  "SecondarySiteOrderID": "A1B2CdEFG",
  "SellerOrderID": null,
  "CheckoutSourceID": null,
  "CreatedDateUtc": "2017-06-13T19:45:17Z",
  "ImportDateUtc": "2017-06-14T11:56:53.293Z",
  "PublicNotes": null,
  "PrivateNotes": "",
  "SpecialInstructions": "",
	// Additional fields omitted
  "OrderTags": null,
  "DistributionCenterTypeRollup": "ExternallyManaged",
  "CheckoutStatus": "Completed",
  "PaymentStatus": "Cleared",
  "ShippingStatus": "Shipped",
	// Additional fields omitted
  "PaymentMethod": "Amazon",
	// Additional fields omitted
  "Fulfillments": [
      "ID": 691704,
      "ProfileID": 12345678,
      "OrderID": 98876543,
      "CreatedDateUtc": "2017-06-13T19:45:17Z",
      "UpdatedDateUtc": "2017-06-14T11:56:53.34Z",
      "Type": "Ship",
      "DeliveryStatus": "Complete",
      "TrackingNumber": "TBA123456789012",
      "ShippingCarrier": "AMZN_US",
      "ShippingClass": "Expedited",
      "DistributionCenterID": -2,
      "ExternalFulfillmentCenterCode": "IND4 ",
      "ShippedDateUtc": "2017-06-14T08:37:10Z",
      "SellerFulfillmentID": "A1B2CdEFG"