Retrieve FBA Orders Only

When to Use

  • To only retrieve FBA orders.

    • Recommend use of Export Status to help manage orders imported vs orders not imported.
  • See more on all the options for filtering, querying, expanding data under the Getting and Filtering Data page

Resource URL / Endpoint

GET$filter=DistributionCenterTypeRollup eq 'ExternallyManaged'

Important and/or Required Parameters

DistributionCenterTypeRollup eq 'ExternallyManaged'RequiredRequired to fulfill goal. Include in URL. Defines the property being filtered and the value to filter on.
Example Request
GET$filter=DistributionCenterTypeRollup eq 'ExternallyManaged'
Example Response (Success)
200 OK
  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Orders",
  "value": [
      "ID": 19918546,
      "ProfileID": 12345678,
      "SiteID": 640,
      "SiteName": "Amazon Seller Central - US",
      "SiteOrderID": "113-8190858-1475421",
      "SecondarySiteOrderID": "DfN3NqLzk",
      "SellerOrderID": null,
		// Additional fields omitted