Retrieve Shipping Label Rates

When to Use & Considerations

  • This endpoint will retrieve shipping rates for items in a given order and does not use define the DeliverByDate.

  • See ShippingRate for all available parameters.

  • See Purchase a Shipping Label to purchase a specific rate returned from this endpoint.

  • On success, the response status will be 200 multipart/mixed; boundary=”boundary” (where "boundary" is a unique value per response)

    • A collection of shipping rates are returned as application/json in the first part of the body

    • If PurchaseCheapestRate is specified on the request, ChannelAdvisor will also purchase a label for the lowest shipping service and return the label data as an attachment.

  • Note: ShippingLabelRequestID ensures a label purchase request is not duplicated.

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters.

WeightUnitstring Required Valid values are: Gram, Pound


decimal Required Total weight of the package
ItemsCollection Required An array of ShippingItems
DistributionCenterIDinteger Conditionally Required if no source address information is provided. Only used for address lookup and will not update fulfillment with the provided DistributionCenterID. 
PackageIDinteger Conditionally Required if package dimension is not provided
PurchaseCheapestRate boolean Optional If specified, we will purchase the shipping service associated with the lowest cost
LabelFormatenum Optional Valid values are: PDF, ZPL. The default value is PDF
ShippingLabelRequestIDstring (50)Recommended

Seller supplied unique identifier for the label purchase request. Supply this value in each request to ensure duplicate labels are not purchased.

Note: once set, this value is applied on the Fulfillment and will not be returned in the response. If a future request is supplied with the same ID, the response will supply the existing label. See Purchase Shipping Label with Existing Request ID.

Example Request
  "MeasurementUnit": "Inch", 
  "Height": 10,
  "Width": 12,
  "Length": 12,
  "Weight": 1000,
  "WeightUnit": "Gram",
  "SourceFirstName": "ShipperFirstName",
  "SourceLastName": "ShipperLastName",
  "SourceAddressLine1": "100 Main Ave",
  "SourceCity": "Raleigh",
  "SourceStateOrProvince": "NC",
  "SourcePostalCode": "27615",
  "SourceCountryCode": "US",
  "SourcePhoneNumber": "919-555-1234",
  "DestinationFirstName": "BuyersFirstName",
  "DestinationLastName": "BuyersLastName",
  "DestinationAddressLine1": "3025 Carrington Mill Blvd",
  "DestinationCity": "Morrisville",
  "DestinationStateOrProvince": "NC",
  "DestinationPostalCode": "27560",
  "DestinationCountryCode": "US",
  "DestinationPhoneNumber": "919-555-1234",
  "Items": [
      "Quantity": 1,
      "Sku": "MyTestSku"
  "PurchaseCheapestRate": false,
  "ShippingLabelPartnerAccountIDs": [500],
  "LabelFormat": "ZPL",
  "ShippingLabelRequestID": "9bagr9lmodz83l4k9dkngksoq"
Example Response (Success)
200 OK

Content-Type: application/json

  "ShippingRates": [
      "ShippingLabelPartnerAccountID": 500,
      "RateID": "19090424-201b-4ae4-91a0-a960592a9045",
      "ServiceName": "First Overnight",
      "ServiceCode": "FIRST_OVERNIGHT",
      "ServiceOfferID": null,
      "CarrierID": 2,
      "ClassID": 5,
      "TransitDays": "UNKNOWN",
      "DeliveryDate": "06/09/2020 8:00:00 AM",
      "Cost": 79.15,
      "WarningMessage": null
      "ShippingLabelPartnerAccountID": 500,
      "RateID": "3bc3b248-93db-4492-a0d5-fba4a09ed313",
      "ServiceName": "Priority Overnight",
      "ServiceCode": "PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT",
      "ServiceOfferID": null,
      "CarrierID": 2,
      "ClassID": 23,
      "TransitDays": "UNKNOWN",
      "DeliveryDate": "06/02/2020 10:30:00 AM",
      "Cost": 46.98,
      "WarningMessage": null
  "Errors": [],
  "ExpiresInSeconds": 1800
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=label.ZPL
Content-Type: application/text
^FO32,19^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDAmazing Shoes^FS
^FO32,55^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD123 Test^FS
^FO32,109^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FDUS ^FS
^FO224,3^AdN,0,0^FWN^FH^FD(919) 555-1234^FS

Content-Type: application/json

  "ShippingLabelUrl": "",
  "FulfillmentID": 456789123,
  "Cost": 46.98,
  "CarrierID": 2,
  "ClassID": 23,
  "DeliveryDate": "06/02/2020",
  "TrackingNumber": "123456789",
  "LabelFormat": "ZPL"