Updating Existing Order Properties

When to Use & Other Considerations

  • To apply a unique seller order id for internal tracking purposes.
    • These values are often NOT shared with marketplaces because most marketplaces do not have a place for this data.
    • Amazon does accept a SellerOrderID.
  • To add other notes the order that will (or will not) be shared with the seller via the marketplace.
    • This applies to the PublicNotes and PrivateNotes fields.
  • To flag orders for internal tracking purposes by using the FlagID and FlagDescription properties.
  • To update the shipping name/address on an order.
    • Updates to name and addresses on the order are not shared with the marketplaces.
  • Manually managing orders in the system (e.g. use ChannelAdvisor as the system of record for an order from another system that ChannelAdvisor does not support directly), and need to update things like payment information, or a variety of other fields and statuses on the order.
  • Note: item level data on an order cannot be updated though these requests. To refund or cancel items or part of an item in an order, do so using the PATCH or PUT /v1/Orders(id) endpoint.

Update Order Properties Endpoint

PATCH or PUT https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Orders(OrderID)

Important and/or Required Parameters (for Order Level Properties)

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredDescription
IDinteger (32 bit)RequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Order.
SellerOrderIDstring (25)OptionalIdentifier provided by the seller.
PublicNotesstring (4,000)OptionalNotes from the seller which may be included in a printed invoice or packing slip.
PrivateNotesstring (4,000)OptionalNotes from the seller which cannot be included in a printed invoice or packing slip.
SpecialInstructionsstring (255)OptionalNotes provided by the buyer, usually pertaining to shipping instructions.
EstimatedShipDateUtcDateTimeOffsetOptionalTimestamp estimating when the order will be fulfilled.
DeliverByDateUtcDateTimeOffsetOptionalTimestamp indicating the deadline for fulfilling the order.
FlagIDenumOptionalIdentifies the flag type, if any.
FlagDescriptionstring (80)OptionalDescribes the flag.
CheckoutStatusenumOptionalIndicates the progress of the order through the checkout process.
PaymentStatusenumOptionalIndicates the progress of the payment.
ShippingStatusenumOptional, PendingShipment onlyIndicates the progress of the fulfillment on the order. This value can only be set to 'PendingShipment'. Other values are set by ChannelAdvisor when marking shipping updates on items in the order.
CheckoutDateUtcDateTimeOffsetOptionalTimestamp indicating the latest update to CheckoutStatus.
PaymentDateUtcDateTimeOffsetOptionalTimestamp indicating the latest update to PaymentStatus.
PaymentMethodstring (50)OptionalThe type of payment submitted by the buyer.
PaymentTransactionIDstring (255)OptionalThe TransactionID of the payment.
PaymentCreditCardLast4string (4)OptionalThe last four digits of the credit card number.
PaymentMerchantReferenceNumberstring (50)OptionalThe reference number of the payment.
ShippingTitlestring (20)OptionalThe shipping recipient's title.
ShippingFirstNamestring (50)OptionalThe shipping recipient's first name.
ShippingLastNamestring (50)OptionalThe shipping recipient's last name.
ShippingSuffixstring (20)OptionalThe shipping recipient's name suffix.
ShippingCompanyNamestring (50)OptionalThe shipping recipient's company name.
ShippingCompanyJobTitlestring (50)OptionalThe shipping recipient's job title.
ShippingDaytimePhonestring (40)OptionalThe shipping recipient's daytime phone number.
ShippingEveningPhonestring (40)OptionalThe shipping recipient's evening phone number.
ShippingAddressLine1string (100)OptionalThe first line of the shipping address.
ShippingAddressLine2string (100)OptionalThe second line of the shipping address.
ShippingCitystring (100)OptionalThe city of the shipping address.
ShippingStateOrProvincestring (15)OptionalThe region of the shipping address.
ShippingPostalCodestring (15)OptionalThe postal code of the shipping address.
ShippingCountrystring (10)OptionalThe country of the shipping address.
BillingTitlestring (20)OptionalThe payer's title.
BillingFirstNamestring (50)OptionalThe payer's first name.
BillingLastNamestring (50)OptionalThe payer's last name.
BillingSuffixstring (20)OptionalThe payer's name suffix.
BillingCompanyNamestring (50)OptionalThe payer's company name.
BillingCompanyJobTitlestring (50)OptionalThe payer's job title.
BillingDaytimePhonestring (40)OptionalThe payer's daytime phone.
BillingEveningPhonestring (40)OptionalThe payer's evening phone.
BillingAddressLine1string (100)OptionalThe first line of the billing address.
BillingAddressLine2string (100)OptionalThe second line of the billing address.
BillingCitystring (100)OptionalThe city of the billing address.
BillingStateOrProvincestring (15)OptionalThe region of the billing address.
BillingPostalCodestring (15)OptionalThe postal code of the billing address.
BillingCountrystring (10)OptionalThe country of the billing address.

Update OrderItem Properties Endpoint

PATCH or PUT https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/OrderItems(OrderItemID)

Important and/or Required Parameters (for Item Level Properties)

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredDescription
IDinteger (32 bit)RequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor generated unique identifier for the Item.
SellerOrderItemIDstring (25)OptionalIdentifier provided by the seller.

Order Property Update Request Examples