Working with Products

EndpointDescription access to the account's products, including attributes, distribution centers, and available quantity.


With the products endpoint, the following operations may be performed:

Types of Products

A product in the ChannelAdvisor system can be one of the following types:

TypeDescriptionBuyableHas Quantity
StandaloneThe default type of product. Self-contained and without any relationship to other products, it can be listed and purchased.YesYes
ParentA container for one or more child items that vary by one or more attributes such as size or color. A parent does not have quantity and is not purchasable.NoNo
ChildA child product can be purchased and is always related to a single parent product. A child product usually exists for each variation of a parent product.YesYes
BundleBundles are a virtual container for one or more other buyable items. For example, a bundle may contain one camera and two memory cards. Each bundle component, which can be either a standalone or child product, has a component multiplier quantity, which is used to calculate the bundle's overall quantity. YesYes (calculated)

Flow of Product Creation

Outline the process of creating products (as a general concept):

The Product Creation and Update process usually flows something like this with REST API.

  1. Client provides new SKU data to the system at will.
  2. Some pre-requisites may need to be in place depending on design of the client products:
    1. Variation Names/Types
    2. Distribution Centers
  3. During creation of SKUs, apply all known product attributes within the same product creation request for ease of use - otherwise individual attribute requests are required to append new attributes.
  4. Apply Quantity information to products.
  5. Once a product has been created, these are the options going forward:

    CREATE BundlesThe products now need to be applied to Bundles for sale.
    UPDATE Field DataData needs to be adjusted added for an existing product in an existing field
    ADD More Data

    Data needs to be added to an existing product in an existing field, or a new field and data needs to be added for a product

    DELETE Individual Data

    A data point needs to be cleared of the existing values, leaving a blank

    DELETE the Entire ProductRemove a product from the system because it is no longer active
    UPLOAD Product DataSame as ADD and UPDATE, but executed in bulk
    EXPORT Product DataExtract data in bulk