Create a Bundle Product

When to Use

  • To create a bundle product in the system that doesn't already exist.

  • This process will create the bundle SKU, but does not create the component items in the Bundle.
    • Important Note: It is recommended that any Bundle Component Items are created as a standalone product prior to being associated to a Bundle SKU product construct.

  • To create a bundle product and include attributes in the same request, the format is the same as below, but requires that the addition of the Attributes collection - see Create a Product with Attributes to understand the format.

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredNote
ProfileIDinteger (32 bit)ConditionalInclude in body. Identifies the ChannelAdvisor profile - required if authorization spans multiple profiles.
Skustring (50)RequiredInclude in body. Unique identifier of the product within the seller's catalog.
Titlestring (120)RequiredInclude in body. Trim if > 120 characters for this property and plan to add the full value as an attribute.
BundleTypeenumRequiredInclude in body. None = 0, BundleComponent = 1, BundleItem = 2
[ ComponentSku ]
string (50)ConditionalInclude in body. Required if ProductID is not provided.
Must match a SKU that already exists in the defined profile.
[ ProductID ]
integer (32 bit)ConditionalInclude in body. Required if ComponentSku is not provided.
Must match a Product ID that already exists in the defined profile.
This is a ChannelAdvisor defined unique ID (not the Sku value) of the product. 
[ Quantity ]
integer (32 bit)RequiredInclude in body. Quantity of the component item to be included in the bundle.
Note: this does not relate to the available quantity of a product.
All other Product Entity fields are optional to create a bundle product. Those provided below are for example purposes only.
Example Request
	"ProfileID": "12345678",
	"Sku": "BUNDLESKU_00001",
	"BundleType": "BundleItem",
	"Title": "Title for BUNDLESKU_00001",
	"Brand": "BUNDLESKU_00001 Brand",
	"Manufacturer":"BUNDLESKU_00001 Manufacturer",
	"MPN": "BUNDLESKU_00001_ABC123",
	"Description":"Description for BUNDLESKU_00001",
	"UPC": "123456789102",
	"BuyItNowPrice": 10.00,
	"RetailPrice": 11.00,
		"Quantity": 1
		"Quantity": 2
Example Response (Success)
  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Products/$entity",
  "ID": 24564156,
  "ProfileID": 12345678,
  "Brand": "BUNDLESKU_00001 Brand",
  "Condition": "NEW",
  "Description": "Description for BUNDLESKU_00001",
  "Manufacturer": "BUNDLESKU_00001 Manufacturer",
  "MPN": "BUNDLESKU_00001_ABC123",
  "Sku": "BUNDLESKU_00001",
  "TaxProductCode": null,
  "Title": "Title for BUNDLESKU_00001",
  "UPC": "123456789102",
  "RetailPrice": 11,
  "BuyItNowPrice": 10,
  "StorePrice": 10,
  "BundleType": "BundleItem",
  "TotalAvailableQuantity": 1,
  "TotalQuantity": 1,
  "TotalQuantityPooled": 1,
  "IsParent": false,
  "IsInRelationship": false,
  "ParentProductID": null,
  "RelationshipName": null
 // Additional fields omitted