Create a Child

When to Use

  • To create a child product in the system.
  • Requires the Parent Product ID (not the Sku - the ChannelAdvisor unique ID representing the product).
    • Place a GET Products request and $filter=Sku eq 'PARENT PRODUCT SKU VALUE'&$select=ID to return the ID to use in this request.
  • The parent product must be created prior to the child being created with this request.
  • To create a child product and include attributes in the same request, the format is the same as below but requires the addition of the Attributes collection - see Create a Product with Attributes.

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredNote
ProfileIDinteger (32 bit)ConditionalInclude in body. Identifies the ChannelAdvisor profile - required if authorization spans multiple profiles.
Skustring (50)RequiredInclude in body. Unique identifier of the product within the seller's catalog.
Titlestring (120)RequiredInclude in body. Trim if > 120 characters for this property and plan to add the full value as an attribute.
ParentProductIDinteger (32 bit)RequiredInclude in body. If the product is a child, this will contain the ChannelAdvisor defined unique ID (not the Sku value) of the parent product.
See note above under "When to Use" about retrieving the Product ID for the parent.
IsParentbooleanNot RequiredInclude in body. Defaults to 'false' if omitted. Send 'false' if sending this property.
Including in this table as a reminder about the default behavior.
IsInRelationshipbooleanRequiredInclude in body. Value = 'true'.Parents and children will be true, standalone products will be false.
RelationshipNamestring (50)RequiredInclude in body. If the product is in a relationship, this value represents the relationship type.
The types are user-defined within ChannelAdvisor.
See section on Creating Products about Pre-Creating Elements to ensure these are created prior to creating a product.
Values for Parent and all Children must be identical.
All other Product Entity fields are optional to create a child product. Those provided below are for example purposes only.
Example Request
	"ProfileID": "12345678",
	"Sku": "CHILD-10000001",
	"Title": "Text String product Title value for SKU CHILD-10000001",
	"Brand": "Product Brand",
	"Manufacturer":"Product Manufacturer",
	"MPN": "CHILD123",
	"Description":"Text String product Description value for CHILD-10000001",
	"UPC": "012345678902",
	"BuyItNowPrice": 1.99,
	"RetailPrice": 2.99
Example Response (Success)
  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Products/$entity",
  "ID": 24562561,
  "ProfileID": 12345678,
  "Brand": "Product Brand",
  "Condition": "NEW",
  "Description": "Text String product Description value for CHILD-10000001",
  "Manufacturer": "Product Manufacturer",
  "MPN": "CHILD123",
  "ShortDescription": null,
  "Sku": "CHILD-10000003",
  "TaxProductCode": null,
  "Title": "Text String product Title value for SKU CHILD-10000001",
  "UPC": "012345678902",
  "RetailPrice": 2.99,
  "BuyItNowPrice": 1.99,
  "StorePrice": null,
  "SecondChancePrice": null,
  "TotalAvailableQuantity": 0,
  "TotalQuantity": 0,
  "TotalQuantityPooled": 0,
  "IsParent": false,
  "IsInRelationship": true,
  "ParentProductID": 24562560,
  "RelationshipName": "SizeColor"
 // Additional fields omitted