Create a Parent

Scenario Goals

  • Create a new parent product in the system.
  • This product must be created before creating child-products.

Resource URL / Endpoint


Important and/or Required Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredNote
ProfileIDinteger (32 bit)ConditionalInclude in body. Identifies the ChannelAdvisor profile - required if authorization spans multiple profiles.
Skustring (50)RequiredInclude in body. Unique identifier of the product within the seller's catalog.
Titlestring (120)RequiredInclude in body. Trim if > 120 characters for this property and plan to add the full value as an attribute.
IsParentbooleanRequiredInclude in body. Value = 'true'. If the product is a Parent with children (to be associated).
IsInRelationshipbooleanRequiredInclude in body. Value = 'true'. Parents and children will be true, standalone products will be false.
RelationshipNamestring (50)RequiredInclude in body. If the product is in a relationship, this value represents the relationship type.  The types are user-defined within ChannelAdvisor.
See section on Creating Products about Pre-Creating Elements to ensure these are created prior to creating a product.
Values for Parent and all Children must be identical. 
All other Product Entity fields are optional to create a parent product. Those provided below are for example purposes only.
Example Request
	"ProfileID": "12345678",
	"Sku": "PARENT-10000001",
	"IsParent": true,
	"IsInRelationship": true,
	"Title": "Text String product Title value for SKU PARENT-10000001",
	"Brand": "Product Brand",
	"Manufacturer":"Product Manufacturer",
	"MPN": "PAR123",
	"Description":"Text String product Description value for PARENT-10000001",
	"UPC": "012345678901",
	"BuyItNowPrice": 1.99,
	"RetailPrice": 2.99
Example Response (Success)
  "@odata.context": "$metadata#Products/$entity",
  "ID": 24562560,
  "ProfileID": 12345678,
  "Brand": "Product Brand",
  "Condition": "NEW",
  "Description": "Text String product Description value for PARENT-10000003",
  "Manufacturer": "Product Manufacturer",
  "MPN": "PAR123",
  "Sku": "PARENT-10000003",
  "TaxProductCode": null,
  "Title": "Text String product Title value for SKU PARENT-10000003",
  "UPC": "012345678901",
  "RetailPrice": 2.99,
  "BuyItNowPrice": 1.99,
  "StorePrice": null,
  "TotalAvailableQuantity": 0,
  "TotalQuantity": 0,
  "TotalQuantityPooled": 0,
  "IsParent": true,
  "IsInRelationship": true,
  "ParentProductID": null,
  "RelationshipName": "SizeColor"
  // Additional fields omitted