• This page and the examples within represent the creation of new images and updating of existing images after the creation of the underlying product.
  • Requires the Product ID (not the Sku - the ChannelAdvisor unique ID representing the product).
    • Place a GET Products request and $filter=Sku eq 'PRODUCT SKU VALUE'&$select=ID to return the ID to use in this request.
  • Images cannot be created when a product is created.
  • Encode any characters that will be handled as an operator in the URI.
  • PlacementName information is relevant to the order images are displayed within the ChannelAdvisor system.
  • Optional: store Image URLs in Attributes - see the section on Attributes to do this.

Image Endpoints

All available endpoints for Images.

Important and/or Required Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredDescription
ProductIDinteger (32 bit)Required

Required for PATCH/PUT. The ChannelAdvisor defined unique ID (not the Sku value) of the product.
See note above under "Considerations" about retrieving the Product ID.

ProfileIDinteger (32 bit)n/aOnly exists during Image Retrieval.
PlacementNamestring (50)ConditionalName that corresponds with placement of the image.
Abbreviationstring (50)n/aAbbreviation of the Placement Name. Only exists during Image Retrieval.
Urlstring (255)ConditionalURL of the image identified.

Image Request Examples