Inventory Enumerations

"Value" column values are stored as strings, not integers.



Name Value
Absolute 0
Relative 1
Available 2
InStock 3
UnShipped 4


Name Value
None 0
BundleComponent 1
BundleItem 2


Name Value
NotSpecified -9999
ItemCopied -2
ExclamationPoint -1
NoFlag 0
RedFlag 1
QuestionMark 2
NotAvailable 3
Price 4
YellowFlag 5
GreenFlag 6
BlueFlag 7


Name Definition
AddUpdate Adds all new products on the file that don't already exist in the profile. Updates any existing products based on template mapping.
UpdateOnly Only updates products that already exist in the profile based on the template mapping.
AddOnly Only adds new products from the file that don't already exist in the profile.
DetectDropItems Adds new products that don't exist and Updates existing products, and for products no longer on the file but in the profile quantity will be dropped to zero.


Name Final Status (for Product Upload Reference)
Aborted Yes
AbortedAcknowledged Yes
AcknowledgedNotVisible No
Complete Yes
CompleteWithErrors Yes
CompleteWithSystemicErrors Yes
DeletedReadyForRemoval Yes
FailedValidation Yes
InProgress No
InProgressPartitioning No
InProgressProcessing No
InProgressQueuedforProcessing No
InProgressValidation No
Pending No
PendingPartitioning No
Requeue No
SelectedForPartitioning No
SystemicFailure Yes