Product Endpoints

Endpoints not referenced in this page are not officially supported via the REST API.

Case-Sensitivity in URIs:

  • Every property definition before the "?" in a URI is case-sensitive (e.g. attribute name string values)
  • Everything after the "?" in a URI is not case-sensitive (e.g. $filter=property definitions, operators; $select, $orderby, etc)


GET /v1/ProductsQuery against all products across accounts
GET /v1/Products(id)Retrieve a single product
PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)Modify an existing product
POST /v1/ProductsCreate a new product
DELETE /v1/ProductsDelete a product from the system (cannot be undone)

Attribute Values

GET /v1/Products(id)/AttributesRetrieve a list of attribute values on a product
GET /v1/Products(id)/Attributes(‘name’)Retrieve a single attribute value by name on a product
PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/Attributes(‘name’)Add or update an attribute value on a product
POST /v1/AttributeValuesAdd or update an attribute value on a product
DELETE /v1/Products(id)/Attributes(‘name’)Delete an attribute value from a product


GET /v1/ImagesQuery against all images across accounts
GET /v1/Products(id)/ImagesRetrieve a list of images associated with a product
GET /v1/Products(id)/Images(‘placementName’)Retrieve a single image by placementName associated with a product
PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/Images(‘placementName’)Add or update an image associated with a product
DELETE /v1/Products(id)/Images(‘placementName’)Delete an image from a product


GET /v1/ProductLabelsQuery against all labels across accounts
GET /v1/Products(id)/LabelsRetrieve a list of labels assigned to a product
GET /v1/Products(id)/Labels(‘name’)Retrieve a single label by name on a product
PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/Labels(‘name’)Assign a label to a product
DELETE /v1/Products(id)/Labels(‘name’)Delete a label from a product

Product Bundle Components

GET /v1/ProductBundleComponentsQuery against all bundle components across accounts
GET /v1/Products(id)/BundleComponentsRetrieve a list of bundle components that comprise a product bundle
GET /v1/Products(id)/BundleComponents(componentID)Retrieve a bundle component by componentID that is part of a product bundle
PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/BundleComponents(componentID)Add or update a product bundle's component quantity
DELETE /v1/Products(id)/BundleComponents(componentID)Delete a bundle component from a product bundle

Distribution Center Quantities

GET /v1/Products(id)/DCQuantitiesRetrieve a list of distribution center with quantity for a product
PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/DCQuantities(distributionCenterID)Update a distribution center’s available quantity for a product
DELETE /v1/Products(id)/DCQuantities(distributionCenterID)Remove all quantity in a distribution center for a product
POST /v1/Products(id)/UpdateQuantityUpdate a product’s quantity across multiple distribution centers in bulk

Product Uploads

GET /v1/ProductUploadRetrieve the status of a previously-submitted product upload
POST /v1/ProductUploadSubmit a product upload

Product Exports

GET /v1/ProductExportRetrieve the status of a previously-submitted product export
POST /v1/ProductExportSubmit a product export