Product Exports


  • This method allows use of filters to export a subset of a product catalog.
  • This is NOT an equivalent to direct API requests - export requests are queued and processed in the order they are received.
  • Accounts are limited to a maximum of 10,000,000 products exported per day and a maximum of 10 requests per minute. Additional export requests will be rejected with HTTP status 429 Too Many Requests.

Product Export Endpoints

All available endpoints for Product Exports.

Important and/or Required Parameters

ProfileIDConditionalInclude in URL. Integer - identifies the ChannelAdvisor profile - required if multiple profiles are accessible with the submitted access token.
$filterOptionalInclude in URL. String - defines one or more filters applied to a product catalog to specify the subset of products to be exported. See Using Product Filters
TokenConditionalInclude in URL. Only required when retrieving the status of a previously exported file.
Identifies the unique export token.

Product Export Request Examples