Product Uploads


  • This process was designed to allow delivery of file content through API uploads.
  • Requires a template that is created and exists in the ChannelAdvisor User Interface.
  • This method allows use of business rules and lookup lists to convert data within the template process.
  • This is NOT an equivalent to direct API requests - files are queued and processed in the order they are received.
  • The maximum data payload size for requests to this endpoint is 128 mb.
  • The maximum rate limit is 60 files per hour.

Product Upload Endpoints

All available endpoints for Product Uploads.

Important and/or Required Parameters

ProfileIDConditionalInclude in URL. Integer - identifies the ChannelAdvisor profile - required if multiple profiles are accessible with the submitted access token.
TemplateCodeOptionalInclude in URL. String - unique identifier of an inventory upload template to be applied to the submitted file.
Values are defined within User Interface of the ChannelAdvisor system under Inventory > Product Mapping > Templates.

Include in URL. See Enum values.
Default is the account default import type.

TokenConditionalInclude in URL. Only required when retrieving the status of a previously uploaded file.
Identifies the unique upload token.

Product Upload Request Examples