• Quantity properties exist in the Product entity - but these are calculated based on data in the DC Quantity entity outlined below.
  • Quantity data is supplied at a product-level, and therefore requires use of the ProductID in the URL of any request.
    • Cannot use SKU to update quantity on a product.
  • For sellers who store quantity in multiple distribution centers, those distribution centers make a difference, as each will have a different ID.
  • A single request can be made to update quantity on multiple distribution centers simultaneously. See the Update Quantity on Multiple DCs page for more details.
  • Quantity Update Type is important to understand generally. 
    • We advise using 'UnShipped' if Orders are being handled through ChannelAdvisor, because the system will execute the math based on known orders and outstanding shipments.
    • All enum Quantity Update Type values for REST API are here.
  • If the account is setup to share quantity on all SKUs among multiple profiles (assuming all products exist across multiple profiles), only send quantity update requests to one profile.
  • Conditionally requires the Product ID (not the Sku - the ChannelAdvisor unique ID representing the product).
    • Place a GET Products request and $filter=Sku eq 'PRODUCT SKU VALUE'&$select=ID to return the ID to use in this request.
  • InfiniteQuantity defines products with an unlimited amount of quantity (manufacturers of products, products that are always available on demand, etc).
    • This is a product level setting and cannot be configured by distribution center.
    • When enabled, this impacts the UI values displayed in the ChannelAdvisor Platform.
    • Read more about Infinite Quantity in the ChannelAdvisor Knowledge Center (login required).

Quantity Endpoints

All available endpoints for Distribution Center Quantity.

Important and/or Required Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredDescription
ProductIDinteger (32 bit)ConditionalThe ChannelAdvisor defined unique ID (not the Sku value) of the product.
See note above under "Considerations" about retrieving the Product ID.
Required if needing to retrieve a single product quantity data.

ProfileIDinteger (32 bit)ConditionalIdentifies the Profile in ChannelAdvisor.
Required as a $filter if retrieving data from a specific profile.
DistributionCenterIDinteger (32 bit)RequiredChannelAdvisor's Distribution Center Unique ID. Include in URL or body for specific request types - see examples.
Not required for GET request. Read more about Distribution Centers and accessing DistributionCenterIDs. 
AvailableQuantityinteger (32 bit)RequiredAvailable Quantity for the product. Include in body.
Not required for GET requests.  
UpdateTypeenumRequiredValue set determines how ChannelAdvisor will interpret the quantity.
Required in body for specific requests. See examples. 
Updates [ DistributionCenterID ]integerRequiredChannelAdvisor's Distribution Center Unique ID. Use in body or URL depending on request.
Required in body for specific requests. See examples. 
Updates [ Quantity ]integerRequiredAvailable Quantity for the product. Use in body or URL depending on request.
Required in body for specific requests. See examples. 

Quantity Request Examples