Remove Quantity from Single DC

When to Use

  • To remove all quantity for a product in a single distribution center.
  • Requires the Product ID (not the Sku - the ChannelAdvisor unique ID representing the product).
    • Place a GET Products request and $filter=Sku eq 'PRODUCT SKU VALUE'&$select=ID to return the ID to use in this request.

Resource URL / Endpoint


($batch request format) DELETE, DistributionCenterID=DistributionCenterID)

Required Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredDescription
ProductIDinteger (32 bit)RequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor defined unique ID (not the Sku value) of the product.
See note above under "When to Use" about retrieving the Product ID.
DistributionCenterIDinteger (32 bit)RequiredInclude in URL. ChannelAdvisor's Distribution Center Unique ID.
Read more about Distribution Centers and accessing DistributionCenterIDs. 
Example Request
Example Response (Success)
204 No Content