Retrieve Products


  • Make sure to read through Getting and Filtering Data and all subsections on this page to understand what retrieval standards the REST API supports.
  • All dates in the REST API are UTC, while the system User Interface dates are time-zone specific (to the profile time zone setting).
  • Response data is often limited to 20 products at a time.
    • To maximize the number of products in a response, limit data using the $select parameter.
      • e.g. selecting 3 or fewer data points will result in a higher number of responses.
    • To maintain maximized results, use the @odata.nextLink at the bottom of the response - do not hardcode $skip values. See more about Paging Through Results.
    • Expanding ($expand) collections as part of this will eliminate the efficiency.
  • Do not code to specific HTTP response values - these may change. Code to the range if possible (e.g. 200 values are successful responses; 400 values are improperly formatted requests; 500 values are ChannelAdvisor side server errors).
  • Use $count=true within the URI to return the number of records within the response.

Product Structure

Product Components & Collections

Parent EntityCollection NameProperty NameDescription
ProductAttributeValueAttributesContains attribute information on the product. A unique 'Name' may only appear once in a product. Multiple unique Names can/likely will exist.

Contains Distribution Center-based quantity data on the product. Default Distribution Center is '0'.
Read more about Distribution Centers and accessing DistributionCenterIDs. 

ProductImageImagesContains Image Placement information and the URLs associated with those image placements on the product.
ProductProductLabelLabelsContains the Labels for the product. A label 'Name' may only appear once in a product. Multiple Names may exist.
ProductProductBundleComponentBundleComponentsContains the Component Sku and Component Product ID data for a Bundle product, including the Quantity that is applicable to this bundle product.
ProductChildRelationshipChildrenContains the Parent Product ID and Child Product ID information for and product in a Parent or Child relationship when retrieving a specific Parent Product ID.
n/aQuantityUpdateRequestn/aThis is not a collection, which is why the Property Name is n/a - but it is provided here for reference purposes.
Correlates with the Quantity update endpoint. Data at this entity level corresponds with DCQuantity. 
QuantityUpdateRequestDCxQtyUpdateUpdatesContains the Distribution Center ID and Quantity to be defined with a Quantity Update request.

Important and/or Required Parameters

See the Complete Product Entity Table to see all Product properties and collections expanded with notes on what to expect when retrieving a product.

Retrieve Product Request Examples