Updating & Removing Product Data


  • Review the product structure displayed in the Retrieving Products page to understand the structure and reasoning behind the separation of the requests outlined in this section.
  • On the Product level - values such as Title, Price, UPC, MPN, etc can be updated or deleted using PATCH/PUT with the /v1/Products endpoint.
  • Certain aspects of a product including Attributes, Images, Labels, and Quantity have different endpoints to update them.
  • Many requests require Product ID (not the SKU - the ChannelAdvisor unique ID representing the product).
    • Submit a GET Products request with $filter=Sku eq '\{SKU\}'&$select=ID to retrieve the ID required in these requests.
  • Include CopyToChildren property when sending PATCH/PUT updates to parent product data, and the included values will be copied down to all of the children of this parent.

Recommendations & Expectations

  • Externally evaluate product data for changes prior to submitting updates to ChannelAdvisor - requests containing data that has not changed is inefficient.
  • Only include data points that are changing - all others may be omitted.

Applicable Endpoints for All Updates & Removals

Core Product Property UpdatesPATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)
Delete Product from SystemDELETE /v1/Products(id)
Add or Update an AttributePATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/Attributes(‘name’)
Remove an Attribute Value from a ProductDELETE /v1/Products(id)/Attributes(‘name’)
Add or Update an Image on a ProductPATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/Images(‘placementName’)
Remove an Image from a ProductDELETE /v1/Products(id)/Images(‘placementName’)
Add a Label to a ProductPATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/Labels(‘name’)
Remove a Label from a ProductDELETE /v1/Products(id)/Labels(‘name’)
Add or Update a Product's Bundle Component Quantity PATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/BundleComponents(componentID)
Remove a Bundle Component from a Product BundleDELETE /v1/Products(id)/BundleComponents(componentID)
Update Product Quantity for a Specific Distribution CenterPATCH or PUT /v1/Products(id)/DCQuantities(distributionCenterID)
Remove all Product Quantity for a Specific Distribution CenterDELETE /v1/Products(id)/DCQuantities(distributionCenterID)
Update Product Quantity for Multiple Distribution Centers in Single RequestPOST /v1/Products(id)/UpdateQuantity

Important and/or Required Parameters

Varies widely depending on the request type necessary. See examples below for specific details.

Updating & Removing Product Data Request Examples

Attribute Specific Updates & Removals

Image Specific Updates & Removals

Label Specific Updates & Removals

Quantity Specific Updates & Removals

Bundle Specific Updates & Removals