Update Price Data

When to Use

  • To update the price fields if using the core product pricing fields.
    • If placing price data in attributes, please use the product attribute update requests.
  • Requires the Product ID and Parent Product ID (not the Skus - the ChannelAdvisor unique IDs representing the products).
    • Place a GET Products request and $filter=Sku eq 'PRODUCT SKU VALUE'&$select=ID to return the standalone Product ID to use in this request.
  • Evaluate changes externally before sending updates to ChannelAdvisor to reduce the number of requests..
    • Sending requests where data does not change from one request to the next - doing this in large numbers may push or violate call limits.

Resource URL / Endpoint

PATCH or PUT https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Products(ProductID)

Required and Available Price Parameters

PropertyType (Max Length)RequiredNote
ProductIDinteger (32 bit)RequiredInclude in URL. The ChannelAdvisor defined unique ID (not the Sku value) of the product.
See note above under "When to Use" about retrieving the Product ID.
RetailPricedecimalConditionalRetail price for this item. Only required to update the property data.
BuyItNowPricedecimalConditionalSelling price of a product. Only required to update the property data.
MargindecimalConditionalProfit margin for a product. Only required to update the property data.
CostdecimalConditionalThe price that the seller paid for this item. Only required to update the property data.
StartingPricedecimalConditionalFor an eBay listing, the initial bid starting point. Only required to update the property data.
ReservePricedecimalConditionalFor an eBay listing, the minimum price for an auction to sell. Only required to update the property data.
SecondChancePricedecimalConditionalFor an eBay listing, the price above which to offer underbidders of this item a second chance offer. Only required to update the property data.
Any other Product Entity fields are optional within this request type. Those provided below are for example purposes only.
Example Request
PATCH or PUT https://api.channeladvisor.com/v1/Products(12345678)?access_token=xxxxxxxxxx
	"RetailPrice": 86.50,
	"BuyItNowPrice": 49.95,
	"Cost": 0
Example Response (Success)
204 No Content